Taylor Swift finally breaks silence and STRONGLY defends boyfriend Travis Kelce on pushing Coach Andy Reid in the Super Bowl “Shut Up, It was in the heat of the moment, no one is perfect..”

Travis and Taylor


Travis Kelce got a free pass from discipline after he yelled and pushed Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid because of Taylor Swift, according to former MLB executive David Samson.


Travis Kelce shout at Chiefs coach

Kelce has been harshly criticized for a second-quarter altercation with Reid after he was taken out of the Super Bowl against the 49ers on a play where Chiefs running back Isiah Pacecho fumbled the ball away.

Before San Francisco had started with the ball on offense, Kelce had gotten in the 65-year-old Reid’s face and bumped him.

Kelce has been under the world’s magnifying glass since last September, when he started to publicly date Swift. The 14-time Grammy Award winner attended 13 Chiefs games this season, including all four playoff victories.

Taylor Hugs Travis for winning Super Bowl

Swift has been shown on the broadcasts of game she has attended more than most players, but still for less than one percent of the Super Bowl telecast.

Kelce admitted to privately apologizing at halftime to his head coach, which Reid accepted. The altercation was shrugged off by both as being competitors and trying to do everything possible to win the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl 25-22, but the court of public opinion has been much tougher on Kelce for shoving his head coach than Reid was.

‘They didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, I would have benched him. I would have had him out for one series’ Samson said. ‘… No one talks about it because no one wants to upset Taylor. It’s a joke.’

‘It’s not as though Kelce is not being treated differently already with all of the ridiculousness surrounding Taylor Swift,’ Samson added.

Samson was the president of the Marlins from 2002 to 2017, as well as an executive vice president with the Expos from 1999 to 2002.

The criticism for Kelce has also been harsh online after the altercation, with some saying Kelce’s girlfriend, 14-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift, should see the behavior as a ‘red flag’.

Since the Super Bowl, further inappropriate behavior from Kelce, according to some, has taken place. First he was too drunk to talk at the Chiefs championship parade on Wednesday.

After the fatal shooting at the end of the parade in Kansas City, Kelce was seen smiling for a selfie with a local policeman.