Taylor Swift Cats are ‘BANNED’ in Belgium.. If breeders do not comply with the rules, we will intervene.. ‘it is an illegally breeding of Scottish Fold cats’ – Here’s more details

Taylor Swift and her Cat Olivia Benson


The permit of a cat breeder in Belgium was revoked last week for illegally breeding Scottish Fold cats – a type of cat made famous thanks to singer Taylor Swift.


Taylor Swift and Cat Olivia Benson

The Scottish Fold cat has been banned in Belgium since 2021. However, the breed has become incredibly popular, especially among fans of the American singer.

Swift, who was named “Time Person of the Year 2023”, is the proud cat mom of three, including two Scottish Folds named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

The animal has been banned in Belgium for around three years, as the animals have a genetic deformity, but many still try to breed them in response to their rising popularity.

Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia Benson

One breeder in Dilbeek had their permit revoked for illegal breeding of ‘Scottish Folds’ last week, Flemish Animals Minister Ben Weyts announced.

“Let this be a clear signal. If breeders do not comply with the rules, we will intervene,” said Weyts. “Breeding animals with a genetic defect like those folding ears causes a lot of animal suffering.”

Taylor Swift and Cat Olivia Benson

The folding ears are what helped propel the cat to fame as it makes the animal resemble an owl, which so-called “lovers” of the breed find cute. These are a genetic defect associated with many health problems and constant pain the animal suffers – as it also leads to cartilage injuries in the ears but also in the joints, which are completely deformed.

While these cats tend to not vocalise their pain and discomfort, it is still evident in their behaviour. They will never be seen sprinting through the house or jumping on cupboards. But because the folding ears are their “cutest” feature, it has become a desired defect. “You really shouldn’t saddle animals with a terrible handicap just because it looks nice in a photo,” Weyts said.

Both the Animal Welfare Inspectorate and the police found several other breaches of animal welfare laws at the breeder in Dilbeek, including trading in sick and overly young kittens. Several animals had also not been sterilized.

“The breeder will now be banned from breeding for two years,” Weyts noted. He added that, compared to a few years ago, a lot more checks are also carried out in the field today, both by the local police and the Animal Welfare Inspectorate.