Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Just Took A Secret “Family-Packed” Trip To Nashville to see Taylor’s parent and things are not looking good.. Here’s why


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been spending pretty much all their available time together.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift after Lunch Date

And in addition to vacationing in the Bahamas and Pennsylvania, it seems as though they’ve now made it to Nashville—like, without anyone realizing.

DeuxMoi reports that the couple had a “family-packed holiday” in Nashville, where they enjoyed “family time, good food, and a whole lot of secrecy.”

On the agenda? A quick stop at Soho House, where a source told DeuxMoi the celebs were “super chill and kind,” before adding that the membership club “snuck them in the employee entrance and into the dining room that was closed off with curtains. The place was packed and no one had any idea.”

The staff also apparently closed a restaurant just so Travis + Taylor + “their family” (gonna assume it was the Swifts!) could play pool. Cute!

Anyway! Sounds like this trip took place over Easter weekend, but the couple’s time in Nashville was presumably brief since the Daily Mail reported that Taylor and Travis spent Easter Sunday itself with the Kelces.

According to the outlet’s intel, Travis introduced Taylor to his nieces—Bennett, Elliotte, and Wyatt—for the first time before the two spent a night at the Four Seasons and then flew back to Los Angeles on Monday in the singer’s private jet. In other words: It was a whirlwind.

Oh, and at some point during all this, Travis casually did a buncha press for his upcoming festival, Kelce Jam, that basically just consisted of him gushing about Taylor. Enjoy!