Royal photographer reveals exactly what Meghan Markle is really like – ‘unusually touchy’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The Hussein family’s lifetime of royal photography is set to go on display in a special London exhibition, titled ‘Princess Diana: Accredited Access’


Meghan Markle

Award-winning photographer Samir Hussein has revealed exactly what Meghan Markle is really like – with his family having years of experience capturing members of the Royal Family for decades.

Samir captured the now world-famous picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – dressed in bright blue – leaning into one another under an umbrella in 2020.

The photographer has now opened up on the times that he photographed Meghan, who officially joined the Royal Family in 2018.

Describing it as “unusual”, Samir said that the Duchess of Sussex was noticeably more “tactile” than he originally thought she would be.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said: “It was very noticeable when Meghan came on the scene just how tactile she was, like holding the Duke’s hand and being arm-in-arm, so that was quite unusual.”

The Duke, 39, and Duchess, 42, are known for their displays of affection and hand-holding when out-and-about – something most royal couples usually refrain from.

Now, the sweet photograph of Harry and Meghan looking adoringly at one another – which is now one of their final royal engagements as senior working royals – will put on a display in a new photography exhibition coming to London in May.

The exhibition – which is titled ‘Princess Diana: Accredited Access’ – is set to showcase the Hussein family’s work from over the decades.

Work by Samir’s father, Anwar, and his brother, Zak, will also be on display.

The exhibition will open at Dockside Vaults in St Katharine Docks, London, on May 25.

Running until September 2, the exhibition will open after successful runs in Australia, the US and Canada.

As well as showcasing special photographs of the late Princess Diana, photographs of three generations of royals will be on display.

Speaking of the late royal, Samir said: “Each photo in the exhibition has a unique, untold story and we really explore how Diana changed the world – her influence just on so many things about royal life.

“It shows how she was a royal mum, and modernised motherhood in many ways as a royal by being very hand-on and loving mum and you can see that legacy in William and Harry.

“We also explore how she is the fashion icon and spearheaded a new era of royal fashion in many aspects, and also just being such an amazing humanitarian.”

Also speaking to the publication, Zak added: “We’re photographing her children now, so bringing that element [to the exhibition] brings a lot to it.”