Princess Anne Makes a Rare Comment About Camilla as a Queen

Princess Anne and Queen Camila


A new documentary provides insight into what she thinks of her sister-in-law.


Princess Anne and Queen Camila

Princess Anne has spoken about Queen Camilla in a new documentary. The 73-year-old royal is one of several commenters in the 90-minute film—Charles III: The Coronation—which gives a behind the scenes glimpse at prep for the coronation of King Charles.

Speaking about her sister-in-law, Anne said of Camilla, “I’ve known her a long time, off and on. Her understanding of her role and how much difference it makes to the King has been absolutely outstanding.”

She added, “This role is not something that she would have been a natural for, but she does it really well. And she provides that change of speed and tone.”

The princess royal also noted that Queen Camilla is “equally modern,” later referencing Charles’ forward looking approach to the royal family and his duties as a king. Even before he was crowned in May, the King was outspoken on environmental issues. He has been vocal about concern for the climate crisis and has campaigned for conservation and organic farming among other causes. He recently gave opening remarks at the global climate conference COP28, saying, “Some important progress has been made, but it worries me greatly that we remain so dreadfully far off track.”

Princess Anne and Queen Camila and King Charles

Charles III: The Coronation aired on BBC One on December 26, and it apparently shows a lighter side of the royals. At one point, the King poked fun at what he calls his “sausage fingers” as his son Prince William helped him with his robes.

Speaking of Charles’ succession specifically though, Anne went on to say, “To be honest I’m not sure that anybody can really prepare themselves for that kind of change… not easily. And then the change happens and you go ‘Okay, I now have to get on with it’.” Charles was the oldest person to ever accede to the British throne, crowned just before his 74th birthday after being the longest-serving heir apparent.

“Monarchy is a 365 days a year occupation, it doesn’t stop because you change monarchs, for whatever reason,” added Anne.

Whether the royals tuned into the documentary themselves is yet unknown…especially as the family has a tradition of playing charades late into the night on Christmas Day, so they were pretty busy!