Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Expert in Romance tells Taylor Swift she should be dating New England legend Rob Gronkowski instead of Travis Kelce: ‘He’s more handsome and less troublesome’

Robert Kraft tells Taylor Swift to date Rob Gronkowski instead of Travis Kelce


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft suggested that Taylor Swift should have been Rob Gronkowski instead of Travis Kelce.


Robert Kraft tells Taylor Swift to date Rob Gronkowski instead of Travis Kelce

On Saturday, Kraft was filmed talking to fans about Swift having her first stadium show at the home of the Patriots. While discussing her success 14 years and 14 Grammy awards later, Kraft pitched that Swift should be dating a different tight end.

‘Her first stadium concert was on my birthday in 2010, June 5th. We convinced her and her family that she could sell out a stadium,’ Kraft said at Topps Hobby Rip Night in West Palm Beach. ‘When she came to view the Chiefs play the Patriots this year at Gillette, I gave her a framed ticket from that concert.

‘Think about it, she was like 18 [or] 19, and she’s done pretty well since then,’ he continued. ‘Except maybe she should have been dating Gronk- he’s better looking.’

While his audience sounded like a pro-Kelce crowd, Kraft smiled and shrugged as he stood by his take.

Gronkowski and Kelce often star in debates over the best tight end of all time.



Statistically, Kelce already has the edge in games played, receptions, receiving yards, and Pro Bowl selections. However, Gronkowski tops his counterpart in receiving touchdowns and Super Bowl titles. Both men hold four All-Pro first-team selections.

Additionally, Gronkowski had the upper hand on Kelce when they went head-to-head in title games. Their lone Super Bowl showdown came in 2021 when the Buccaneers bested the Chiefs, 31-9. Gronkowski retired in 2022, giving Kelce a chance to catch him in multiple categories.

Despite Kraft’s wishes, the ship for a potential Swift-Gronkowski love story has long sailed. The four-time Super Bowl champion has been in a relationship with Camille Kostek since 2015.

On the other hand, Swift and Kelce’s romance continues to make headlines. After flying from Tokyo to Las Vegas to support the Chiefs at the Super Bowl, Swift jetted off to Australia as her award-winning Eras tour resumed. After one week of celebrating, Kelce has since joined her in Sydney.

The popstar is slated for two more shows at Accord Stadium before taking the tour to Singapore.