Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany shares 10 new CUTE snaps of the the Family at Disneyland after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win: Daughter Cutely said ‘Same time next year Dad??’

Patrick Mahomes and Family at Disney land


Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, posted more images of their family trip to Disneyland that came as a result of winning Super Bowl LVIII.


Patrick Mahomes and Family at Disney land

Mahomes and his family followed NFL tradition and took the trip to ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ after he was named as Super Bowl MVP.

‘The day after the Super Bowl Win, grind for mom and dad, best time ever for [children] Sterling and Bronze,’ the caption on Brittany’s post read.

Patrick Mahomes and Family at Disney land

Patrick Mahomes and Family at Disney land

But Brittany added that she ‘would do it over and over again, so same time next year Dad??’

The images come nearly two weeks after the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL’s championship game.

The former league MVP, who also made visits to Disneyland following his Super Bowl wins in 2020 and 2023, took part in a parade down Main Street USA with his family.

Patrick Mahomes and Family at Disney land

‘It’s a tight schedule, we don’t get a lot of sleep but we enjoy every minute of it,’ Mahomes said.

In spite of being up through the early hours of the morning, Mahomes looked in great spirits – waving to the fans throughout the parade route.

But he was wearing sunglasses that may well have helped him cover the bags under his eyes after such little sleep. Mahomes and wife Brittany were out in Sin City until around 3am on Monday morning.

Earlier in the day, Brittany shared a picture of her and her children at the resort but Patrick wasn’t in the images.

Mahomes, meanwhile, had to face another round of media questions the morning after his team’s magnificent victory.

There, he underlined his desire to lead the Chiefs to a three-peat – a feat that has never been done before in NFL history.

‘No one’s ever done it, and we knew it’s legendary to win back-to-back,’ Mahomes said. ‘I think eight other teams have done it. We had heard it all week.

‘We’ve got to continue to play our best football. We’ll celebrate these next few weeks, and then we’ll get right back at it.’

Patrick Mahomes and Family at Disney land

Mahomes and the Chiefs then went back to Kansas City for a celebration and victory parade – which was disrupted by a mass shooting that led to one dead and dozens injured.

Now, the quarterback heads into the offseason – where he hopes that with $30m in extra cap space, he might be able to find some better receivers after an up-and-down regular season.