Patrick Mahomes’ mother also shows her indignation towards her son’s game

The game that the Kansas City Chiefs lost 17-20 against the Buffalo Bills in Week 14 of the NFL continues to give a lot to talk about. This time, it was the turn of Randi, mother of Patrick Mahomes, to express her disbelief at the referees’ work in the match.

Much has been said about the controversial play in which the referees annulled a Kadarius Toney touchdown that would have given the Chiefs the victory. However, in recent days, social media users have shared another play that leaves the match officials in a very bad position.

In the videos, it can be seen that at least three Bills defenders try to take down Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes until one of them accidentally rips off his helmet.

The play has caused angry complaints from Internet users, who cannot believe that a penalty was not called in this situation, while Toney’s offside was called without any doubt.

Randi Mahomes didn’t hesitate to share her two cents.

Randi’s lapidary response
Mahomes’ mother is distinguished for being a woman of few words, and, on this occasion, true to her custom, she limited herself to saying, “No comment” in an X post in which she shared the aforementioned action, thus emphasizing her anger towards the refereeing crew.

And Randi wasn’t the only one. Her daughter-in-law, Brittany Mahomes, also unleashed her anger on the officers. The wife of the Chiefs signal-caller shared an image on her Instagram Story, where you can see one of the officials with a sign superimposed with the acronym “MVP”.