Patrick Mahomes has been hitting game winners for longer than you know 😂 – Watch the Amazing shot he did when he was still a kid

Patrick Mahomes as a kid


If people have doubts about Patrick Mahomes’ arm strength and ability to remain cool under pressure, they should study his film all the way back and find the same traits that define him today.


Patrick Mahomes as a kid
When he was merely eight years old, he made a perfect three-pointer that showed the athlete he would become.



Mahomes comes from a sporting family. His father, Pat Mahomes, was a baseball pitcher in the MLB. He played three sports during his time at Whitehouse High School in Texas, excelling in basketball, baseball and football and credits the other two sports in making him the excellent quarterback that he is today.

We can see why the three-pointer that was referred to earlier does not do justice to this throw. Doing so at any age would be phenomenal,

given that he is eight and is scarcely believable. As Patrick Mahomes humbly admitted, he was good enough for higher age groups. He said:

“I was kind of playing up with the older kids”

The throw originates from the other side of the court. The ball is probably a buzzer-beater given the reaction of his friends and foes alike. He throws it almost like a quarterback pass and it goes straight into the basket, leaving everyone astonished. This proves his talent was there from an early age.