Patrick Mahomes apologizes to fans and reveals the reason for the outburst during the Chiefs vs Raiders Christmas game

Patrick Mahomes


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been displaying growing frustration on the sideline during recent games, especially in the team’s three out of the last four losses.


Patrick Mahomes shouting

The NFL expressed visible displeasure with officials in the Buffalo Bills game and directed frustration at his offensive linemen during the Las Vegas Raiders matchup.

“I just don’t think I like losing,” he explained.

“Anybody can be frustrated when they lose. It’s just about how you respond.”

“I think people see frustration, and they think it causes controversy. I see it as a way of showing that people care. They care about their profession. They care about trying to do whatever they can do to win games.

“When I see stuff like that happen, obviously, we want to be in the positive light and all of that. I see someone that cares about the game and someone who wants to be better, not better for themselves but better for the team.”


Improving the details
Mahomes acknowledged his outbursts and, when asked about it, mentioned focusing on improving “little things” as the team prepares for the upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

“You have to be critical with yourself. You have to be true to what’s on the film and what’s happening,” he added.

“I think a lot of people will make excuses, and that’s why they don’t take that next step or become better because of it. You have to see the film. You look at the film. We made a lot of mistakes that you can’t make in this league if you want to have success. You have to learn from them and get better from them.

“If you look at it and try to make an excuse for why something happened or [say] it’s not your fault because this thing happened, that’s when that kind of stuff snowballs. If you look at the film and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to be better here. I have to [have] better footwork. I have to work the pocket better, get the ball out of my hands when I need to.’

“And [you] learn like that, then you can be better that next week. We’re just going to take that; this is a great defense [the Bengals] that we are playing.”