Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are punishing Rashee Rice because of his off-field troubles and distanced themselves further from him, leaving his future with the Chiefs in doubt

patrick mahomes and travis Kelce and rashee rice


Yesterday, during Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, the Dallas Mavericks took a commanding 3-0 lead with a 116-107 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves.


patrick mahomes and travis Kelce and rashee rice

Among the spectators at the American Airlines Center in Dallas were several stars from the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, including Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and their newest addition, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.

The Chiefs’ trio enjoyed a spectacular performance by Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, who combined for 66 points.

Interestingly, Rashee Rice, the Chiefs’ rookie wide receiver from last season, was also spotted enjoying the game. This has raised questions about the dynamic within the Chiefs’ squad, especially given Rice’s recent off-field issues. In April, Rice was involved in a multi-car accident in Dallas, which is still under investigation. In May, he was accused of assaulting a photographer outside a nightclub, although the charges were later dropped as the photographer stated it was a misunderstanding.

Despite the resolution of the assault allegation, Rice’s legal troubles are far from over. The ongoing investigation into the car accident could lead to NFL discipline, potentially resulting in a multi-game suspension. The presence of Mahomes, Kelce, and Brown at the game without Rice makes me wonder that the team’s star players might be distancing themselves from Rice due to his off-field behavior. It might also be a subtle message to Rice about the consequences of his actions and the standards expected within the team.

If Rice avoids suspension, the Chiefs could have a formidable trio of receivers with Rice, Brown, and first-round draft pick Xavier Worthy. Combined with superstar tight end Travis Kelce, this lineup positions the Chiefs as strong contenders for a third consecutive Super Bowl title and their fourth in six seasons.