‘One Tree Hill’ Star Says Travis Kelce ‘Always Drunk,’ Warns Taylor Swift to break up with him

Jana Kramer and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Jana Kramer called out the fact Travis Kelce is a bit of a party animal — something she doesn’t think is a great quality … and which she hopes doesn’t rub off on Taylor Swift.


Jana Kramer and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The “One Tree Hill” star crapped on the Chiefs tight end on her podcast, “Whine Down,” where she made a pretty scathing comment about Travis’ nightlife habits … namely, the fact he seems to enjoy a beverage or two while out on the town.

She says, “To me, he’s always drunk. Every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk.” JK then pivoted to Taylor … saying she hopes T-Swift doesn’t follow his lead.

Jana even took it a step further … saying she’s noticing that Taylor is drinking a lot these days too — so whatever she’s trying to warn Tay Tay about might’ve already become a reality.

Frankly, Taylor is often photographed having a boozy time — and it’s often with Travis.

We covered this a few weeks ago when Taylor’s album dropped — in which she referred to herself in one of her songs as a ‘functioning alcoholic’ … albeit, in that context, a former one.

The irony, of course, is that Taylor’s been drinking a ton of late … and now, it seems like other people are noticing it too — expressing concern for her and the company she keeps.

Jana and her friends here on the pod had a lot more to say about Taylor and Travis’ relationship in general — including them thinking Trayvis is more PR than real at this point … and them saying they believe Travis is the one who’s really benefitting here.