NFL legend Terry Bradshaw admits he ‘felt bad’ for Andy Reid after Travis Kelce screamed at the Chiefs coach and almost knocked him over during the Super Bowl “Travis needs a punch”

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NFL legend Terry Bradshaw has admitted he ‘felt bad’ for Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid after he was bumped and yelled at by Travis Kelce during the Super Bowl.


Travis Shout at Coach

During the second quarter of the Chiefs 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas, cameras caught the exchange between Kelce and his head coach on the sidelines.

Moments before the incident, Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco had fumbled the ball away during a play where Kelce was stood on the sideline.

Terry Bradshaw

‘I felt bad for Andy because Andy had hip surgery,’ said Bradshaw.

‘He had his game plan in his hand. And when Kelce went over, Kelce didn’t push him, Kelce went over and he accidentally bumped him, I don’t think he pushed him or anything. It was an accident, but it looked bad on television.’

Bradshaw went on to say that he texted Reid after the game and ended up surprised at how quickly he received a response.

‘Nothing about Kelce,’ Bradshaw said of the text exchange with Reid. ‘Kelce felt bad and it’s over. They won the football game.’

Kelce ended up finishing the Super Bowl with nine receptions for 93 yards.

After Kelce was criticized for his reaction and behavior towards Reid during the game, he was also given a stern telling off from brother Jason on their New Heights podcast.

Jason told him: ‘You crossed the line. Let’s be honest. Even the yelling in his face is over the top, too. There’s better ways to handle this retrospectively.’

Travis agreed, even going as far as to suggest he would walk away from football if Reid retired.

The tight end replied: ‘I can’t get that fired up to the point where I’m bumping coach and it’s getting him off balance. When he stumbled I was like “oh s***” in my head.

‘I’m a passionate guy. I love coach Reid. He knows how much I love to play for him, how much I love to be a product of his coaching career.

‘m not playing for anybody else but Big Red. If he calls it quits this year then I’m out there with him, man.

‘I’ve got a certain relationship with him. He’s checked me a few times and I just wanted to let him know I wanted this thing and that he can put it on me and I’ve got him.

‘It came in a moment when we weren’t playing very well. I wasn’t playing very well and we had to get some s*** going and sometimes those emotions get away from me, man. That’s been the battle of my career.

‘I don’t give a s*** what anybody else says. I talked to coach Reid about it today and we kind of chuckled about it.

‘I couldn’t be more proud of being his product on the field and I couldn’t be more proud of where we’ve come as a team since I got here in 2013 and I just love playing for the guy, man.

‘Unfortunately, sometimes my passion comes out where it looks like it’s negativity but I’m grateful that he knows it’s all because I want to win this thing with him more than anything.’