NFL fans are left baffled by a VERY bizarre Jason Kelce-themed cookie for sale in Kansas City on Super Bowl Sunday: ‘Who took a dump on his chest’ Taylor Swift Spotted getting the cookie

Jason Kelce and his inspired Cookie


Jason Kelce’s infamous moment ripping off his shirt to celebrate younger brother Travis Kelce’s touchdown during the Chiefs’ Divisional round win over the Bills was memorialized by a Kansas City area bakery in a bizarre way.


Jason Kelce Cookie


The bakery put brown frosting to represent all of Kelce’s hair, giving the appearance the Eagles center had an incredibly unsavory experience in Buffalo.

Kelce’s celebration happened after he jumped of a Buffalo luxury suite, beer in hand.

NFL fans roasted the design of the cookie, with most pointing to the frosting’s resemblance to poop.

How the cookie tastes was not available, nor how long the Kelce cookie would be on sale for.

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl

‘Who took a dump on his chest?’ one fan said on X.

‘The Cleveland Steamer cookie,’ another football fan stated.

‘Not the most appetizing looking cookie,’ one person posted to X with three poop emojis.

‘The chest hair was a bad idea,’ another fan added on social media.

‘$25 a cookie,’ a fan guessed the price of the Kelce pastry.

The bakery likely designed the cookie to look appetizing. Yet, the brown frosting gave plenty online pause.

Kelce himself has not commented on the cookie’s appearance, as he is at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.