New Photos Raises Concerns as It Shows That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Daughter Lilibet Is No Longer Her Father’s Likeness

Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Lilibet

When it comes to royal kids, either fans know everything there is to know about them, or they’re quite hidden from the public eye, like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s two children.

Prince Harry and Meghan Family

We’ve gotten glimpses of their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet Diana, over the years, specifically from their holiday cards and details in their 2023 tell-all projects. And even though the little-known facts, fans barely know anything about Lilibet except a few details such as the fact that she has fiery red hair like her papa and that her parents have an adorable section of their Montecito mansion kitchen dedicated to her. But now, it seems one of those isn’t true anymore.

n photos obtained by CRHoy via Hello Magazine, we can see that Lilibet is no longer her papa’s lookalike. Instead of having her father’s iconic, fiery red hair, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s daughter is now blonde! These photos were obtained during Meghan and Harry’s secret Costa Rica family trip, and fans can’t get over how different Lilibet looks!

While Archie still seemingly has his red mane, Lilibet’s hair has dramatically changed (but this isn’t out of the ordinary)! Like eye color, sometimes babies’ hair and eye colors can change in their early years. Now, why is Lilibet seemingly blonde? Well, we know Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, was blonde, and some of Meghan’s family members have lighter hair, so having a blonde baby isn’t super-shocking (and if you wanna get into a genetics conversation, we could talk all day about it).

Either way, we’re just happy that Archie and Lilibet are happy and healthy, and we love seeing glimpses of them growing up over time!

As many loyal royal fans know, Harry and Meghan started dating in 2016 and by April 2018, they were married in a beautiful royal ceremony. They share two children together named Archie, born in May 2019, and Lilibet Diana, born in June 2021.