Nervous’ Jason Kelce wanted to make a good first impression with wife Kylie during their first date after meeting on Tinder

Jason and Kylie Kelce


The Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce is known for his intense endeavors on the gridiron. But very few know that Kelce also put on a lot of effort to impress his wife Kylie Kelce on their first date.


Jason Kelce and Family

In the latest episode of his podcasting show, Kelce shared the funny incident. He was interviewing Beau Allen, his former teammate in the Eagles. Allen shared the incident with the audience.

He stated that the Eagles center was nervous before meeting his wife personally for the first time. The Kelce duo met each other on Tinder and they chitchatted for some time. After that, when they had to meet each other, Jason felt a bit nervous. The Center’s smile to the entire conversation was an acknowledgement of the entire thing.

After the 2023-24 season, Kelce has been enjoying a great offseason by going into pubs and dancing shirtless. Multiple videos showed his celebration after his brother’s team won the Super Bowl. Seeing these videos, a perception has started booming that the center who is 36 years old is not going to come back to the football ground. However, Kelce has not announced his retirement yet.

He is expected to announce something regarding his future.