‘My Husband is a GLUTTON for Ice Cream’ Brittany Mahomes reveals husband Patrick eats 10 ice creams A NIGHT as he continues to enjoy his offseason after Chiefs’ Super Bowl win

Patrick Mahomes and Ice Cream


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was made fun of by his wife, Brittany, on her Instagram story on Monday night for his ice cream intake.


Patrick Mahomes and Ice Cream

According to Brittany, Patrick eats 10 mini-ice cream cones a night. The miniature desserts feature a vanilla cone with a chocolate-coated layer over the ice cream.

Mahomes is still in good enough shape to lead the Chiefs to three Super Bowl victories in the last five seasons.

Since Kansas City’s latest title victory over San Francisco last month, Mahomes has been enjoying his offseason with vacations in Mexico, and spending time with Brittany and his family.

Mahomes also went viral for his dad-bod, which teammate Rashee Rice turned into a t-shirt. It is unclear if his ice cream intake led to his physique.

Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany

‘Anyone else eat 10 of these a night… cause he does. Not me,’ Brittany posted to Instagram with an arrow pointed toward Patrick and a laugh emoji.

A previous Instagram story from Monday shows Brittany displaying a macaroon with a bite taken out of it and a pint of ice cream.

It is unclear whether Patrick had that in addition to his 10 ice creams a night.

Mahomes’ love of ice cream has made headlines before.

Last October, during an episode of the ‘New Heights’ podcast, hosted by Mahomes’ teammate Travis Kelce and his older brother Jason Kelce, Mahomes love of Dippin’ Dots came up.

‘There is something weird with Dippin’ Dots that it is only at amusement parks,’ Jason Kelce said. ‘Like where have you seen Dippin’ Dots? I mean, I guess sporting events, I’ve seen some Dippin’ Dots.’

‘I’ve seen them at Pat Mahomes’ garage,’ Travis responded. ‘He’s got a freezer of Dippin’ Dots.’

Jason Kelce looked on in awe at the thought of Mahomes’ freezer full of flash-frozen ice cream.