Millions of Fans React at Taylor Swift Not Thanking Travis Kelce During Grammys Speech “She doesn’t owe her success for this record to him, period!!”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


Taylor Swift had a very good night Sunday, winning a record-setting fourth Album of the Year Grammy and announcing a new album, but not in the eyes of the The New York Post, which posted an article attacking her for not thanking boyfriend Travis Kelce during her acceptance speech.


Taylor Swift Grammy

Previously, Swift had been tied with Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and Paul Simon for most Album of the Year Grammys, each taking home that trophy three times, until she surpassed that number Sunday at the Arena in Los Angeles.

In her acceptance speeches for her two Grammys, she thanked several of her collaborators, including long-time producer Jack Antonoff and Lana Del Rey, who contributed vocals and songwriting to “Snow on the Beach,” one of the tracks on the album.

It should perhaps be noted that a scroll through the Post’s archive of articles about Kelce shows a lack of interest in him not mentioning her name during his on-stage celebrations after his team won the AFC Championship.

Bizarrely, the outlet’s Page Six gossip blog did devote an entire article to lauding Kelce for “supporting” Swift even though he couldn’t attend the Grammys (the Chiefs are already in Las Vegas for practice and preparation for the Super Bowl).

Headlined “How Travis Kelce supported Taylor Swift’s record-making Grammys 2024 outing,” the blog breathlessly reports that Kelce “kept up with all things Grammys via social media, where he couldn’t help but like a post by NPR on Instagram featuring the singer-songwriter posing on the red carpet.”





And the Post followed up Monday morning with a second Swift-bashing article, this time quoting a tweet calling her “Disgusting!” for “ignoring” Celine Dion while on stage, although, as the article acknowledged at the end, Swift and Dion shared a warm hug moments later backstage.

As many Swifties pointed out in response to these two stories, Swift literally wrote a song about this.