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Travis Kelce may have packed on a few pounds since achieving a Super Bowl victory with the Kansas City Chiefs last month – but it hasn’t deterred his girlfriend Taylor Swift, who insiders claim ‘loves’ his new ‘dad bod.’


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The NFL tight end, 34, went topless as he hit the beach with the singer, also 34, last week during a romantic getaway in the Bahamas after months of jet setting around their hectic schedules.

On Wednesday Travis joked about his current weight on his New Heights podcast, telling his brother, Jason, that freedom in the off season has seen him go up a class after gaining about 30lbs.

But his current physique reportedly has the seal of approval from his girlfriend, who has no qualms with his figure.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Kissing at the beach

‘When it comes to Taylor’s thoughts on his changing body – she loves it

‘Travis and his dad bod is the reward he is giving himself for having an epic Super Bowl winning season, and during his offseason – since he has been able to party and spend some quality time with Taylor – he isn’t training the way that he usually does as he is resting.’

The insider adds that Taylor believes her partner ‘deserves’ to let go, adding: ‘She thinks he is hot in all incarnations and thinks he deserves it.

‘She knows he will be back to peak level later this year, and where he is at now is not a problem at all.’

The source then quipped: ‘Plus, at the end of the day, if this is the alternate body that he will have after he retires, it still isn’t a bad body to look at.’

Travis, who weighs about 250lbs during NFL season, addressed his changing appearance with his brother, Jason, on New Heights as they debated who can drink the most.

Travis joked that he was currently in the same weight class as his 283lb sibling, who recently announced his retirement from NFL.

When asked who would win a drinking contest between them, Jason said: ‘I can definitely drink more volume, I don’t even think that’s a question.’

A shocked Travis asked: ‘Whaaaaaat? You’re already down to 260.’

After Jason told him he actually weighs 283 pounds, the Chiefs tight end laughed: ‘We’re in the same weight class now. It’s March! We’re in the same weight class right now.’

It comes months after an old shirtless clip of the tight end got fans hot under the collar in December.

In the clip, which is only a few seconds, a topless Travis glides one hand down his middle before running his hand through his hair.

While details about the origin of the clip remain a mystery, it was posted on X on December 18.

Travis and Taylor recently returned to the US after enjoying a break in the Bahamas where they were pictured frolicking on the beach and enjoying a kiss in the ocean.

The much needed vacation came after months of flying around the world to see each other amid their busy schedules.

But things have slowed down for them as of late, with the latest leg of her Eras Tour wrapping earlier this month and the athlete’s football season coming to an end in February.

‘This is the first time the two of them have had no commitments and they are both really looking forward to being a normal couple and playing house,’ a source previously revealed to DailyMail.com.

Taylor is known for spending her downtime baking and hosting friends – and the singer is said to be looking forward to doing the same with her partner.

‘She is looking forward to sleeping in and cooking dinners at home,’ the source continued.

‘They both want their relationship to be as normal as possible and it works because they are both very aware of their fame but neither let it go to their heads.’

However, the duo will still have to travel back and forth between their home bases in Kansas City, Missouri and New York City as Taylor prepares for the release of her next studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, on April 19.

The insider continued: ‘They will split their time between his house and NYC. Taylor is off Eras until May but that doesn’t mean she’s off completely.

‘She is working on her push for everything Tortured Poets in April and Travis is going to be there every step of the way.’

The New York Post recently revealed the shocking amount of money that Travis has allegedly spent on wooing Taylor.

The publication estimated that he spent a whopping $8 million on everything from private jet rides to lavish gifts, including a reported $22,000 on Valentine’s Day presents alone.

Gifts are said to have included a slew of designer clothes and accessories, a $3,050 24-karat gold rose sculpture from the luxury furniture company Perigold, and two boxes of 250 ‘eternity’ roses, which are said to last up to a year and cost $2,199 each.

And it didn’t end there. It was also reported that he has gifted her a $1,050 black lambskin Dior beret, a $1,100 Celine hat, a $5,100 Bottega Veneta purse, and a $1,300 Hermès Chevaux Dechaines shawl.

Last but not least, the athlete reportedly got himself and Taylor, whose net worth is estimated to be $1.1 billion, custom matching bracelets with the letters TNT – standing for Taylor ‘n’ Travis – written in diamond-encrusted gold beads.

The outlet claimed that Travis has already forked over $1.2 million on private jet rides so that he could support his girlfriend at her shows.

By far Travis’ greatest expense, however, was the new home he felt the need to buy after he started dating the hitmaker.

He bought a 17,000-square-foot mansion in the Kansas City suburb of Leawood for $6 million, after his $1 million house reportedly made him feel ‘self-conscious.’

His new abode comes with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a ‘Beverly Hills-style’ pool, a garage with space for six cars, a tennis and pickleball court, a miniature golf course, a wine cellar, a two-level cinema room, and a substantial garden to give him and Taylor ‘extra privacy’ from fans and the media.