Kansas City Chief’s Daughter Gracie Hunt reveals her thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship

Gracie Hunt Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


“I’m glad you’re getting to experience the game that I fell in love with when I was little,” Gracie said, off female Swifties in stands at Arrowhead Stadium.


Gracie Hunt Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Gracie Hunt, the eldest daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, opened up about what it’s like to have a front row seat to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance when she appeared on the OutKick the Morning podcast on Wednesday.

“First of all, I think we’re all so excited to see two such phenomenal people happy,” Gracie told podcast host Charly Arnolt. “I mean, it’s so easy for us to cheer for and for the entire world to cheer for because they’re wonderful for each other, and it’s just been so fun to watch this love story unfold.”

She added that it’s been “special” to be able to “see how happy they are” in their relationship.

Gracie said she’s also excited “to have so many young, especially female fans, watching football, interested in football and maybe considering playing flag football and also cheering for the Chiefs.”

The Chiefs heiress noted that while there is undoubtedly more female interest in Chiefs games on social media, young women are also coming to games. She sees them holding up signs that say, “I’m here for Taylor” or “I’m here for Taylor’s boyfriend.”

“Whatever reason you’re there for, I’m glad you’re there. And I’m glad you’re getting to experience the game that I fell in love with when I was little,” she concluded.

As far as Gracie’s feelings about Swift, Gracie confirmed, “she is wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, all of the things.”

“It’s been so much fun to get to have her coming to Chiefs games,” the 24-year old concluded.

Gracie and Swift appear to be becoming fast friends. On the “Blank Space” singer’s 34th birthday Dec. 13, Gracie posted a tribute to Swift on Instagram, featuring pictures of the two of them through the years. Gracie appears to have met Swift backstage at the “Fearless” tour with a group of her friends.

“Happy birthday to this queen!💖 Bright, beautiful, beyond talented and engaging…easiest decision Time Magazine ever made for Person of the Year,” she captioned the post. “Hope it’s your best & most blessed year yet!🫶🏼.”