Jason Kelce’s Reacts and “Outraged” by Reporters “Tenacious Questions” after the Team’s New Year’s Eve Game Loss

Jason Kelce on Field


Philadelphia Eagles are struggling as the regular season comes to a close.


Jason Kelce

After the Philadelphia Eagles’ unexpected home defeat to the Arizona Cardinals on New Year’s Eve, Jason Kelce, typically known for his amiable demeanor, appeared visibly frustrated in a terse interview with reporters.

The Eagles’ 35-31 loss marked their fourth defeat of the month, impacting their NFC standing and providing the Dallas Cowboys an opportunity to win the NFC East.

In response to the opening question about the frustrating loss, Kelce was surprisingly blunt in his riposte.

“Pretty frustrating, yeah. Next question,” Kelce declared.

As reporters pressed on, Kelce elaborated on the team’s performance, acknowledging shortcomings on both sides of the ball.

“Offensively we didn’t play good enough, defensively we didn’t play good enough. A really, really frustrating loss.”

Despite the recent struggles, Kelce expressed confidence in the team’s ability to recover, emphasizing the need for accountability and error correction.

“I think that we’ve got a lot of things to clean up,” he admitted.

“We just need to be more accountable and fix some mistakes.

“Gotta keep trying to do your job better, trying to execute it at a high level, trying to know what your assignment is and everybody being on the same page. I think everybody here’s working as hard as they can.”

Can the Eagles still match their 2022 achievements?
Despite the challenging month, Kelce remains optimistic about the team’s potential turnaround.

In contrast, the San Francisco 49ers celebrated Arizona’s win as it secured them a first-round bye and home-field advantage as the No.1 seed in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Eagles, facing a potential one-and-done scenario in the postseason, conclude their regular-season campaign against the New York Giants this Sunday.