Jason Kelce Reveals the Gift His Brother Travis Bought Him and All His Chiefs Teammates which Turned Heads and Faced Critics

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce


Jason Kelce has addressed the hype over his New Year’s Eve arrival outfit, revealing on the New Heights podcast that it was the velour tracksuit his brother Travis bought him for Christmas.


Jason Kelce Tracksuit

Travis had previously revealed that he bought designer tracksuits for all his teammates as a festive gift, saving an additional one for his brother Jason – who had inadvertently just admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the material.

Despite that, a grateful Jason still pulled on the tracksuit for his arrival to the Eagles game on New Year’s Eve, with fans going wild for the look – and the incredibly long drawstrings down to his knees.

Addressing the pictures, Travis asked his brother if he was ‘now a velour fan’, to which Jason was very clear, saying: ‘No.’

He then added: ‘I will say, the top was nice, it was a comfy top. It was clearly a nice material. The pants – it has a liner in it, I don’t like liners. I’m not a fan of liners.

‘What is it about high-end sweats, that I feel like they’re pretty much the same as low-end sweats, they just start making the drawstring longer?

‘I feel like that’s the only thing that happens… the longer the drawstring, the more expensive the sweatpants.’

‘The hoodie is typically bigger as well,’ Travis added, before then asking his brother if he had given away the gift after wearing it once.

‘I didn’t give it to anybody, but I don’t think I’ll be wearing this that frequently, I just… I appreciate it though, it was a good gift,’ Jason replied.’

‘I appreciate you dressing as me for the New Year’s game,’ Travis then joked.

Jason again pulled on the tracksuit post-game for a very tetchy interview with reporters, with the Eagles having just been upset by the Arizona Cardinals.

Kelce and his teammates slumped to their fourth defeat of the month as the Cardinals claimed a stunning 35-31 upset victory at Lincoln Financial Field, which dented the hosts’ NFC standing ahead of this season’s playoffs.

It means the San Francisco 49ers have secured a first-round bye and home-field advantage as the No.1 seed, with footage emerging of their players celebrating Arizona’s win following their own victory against the Washington Commanders.

While he’s typically known for being one of the nicest guys in the NFL off the field, Kelce struggled to maintain that role after Sunday’s defeat as he batted away an opening question from a reporter in blunt fashion.

When asked how frustrating the loss was, the Eagles center said snappily: ‘Pretty frustrating, yeah. Next question’