Jason Kelce reveals that Kylie Kelce does refuse to wear any other team’s gear than the Eagles.. “She will not do it.. I try to tell her, “Listen Kylie, we have family in the game. It’s okay to cheer on that team. They’re not playing the Eagles. She just refuses to do it”… Travis Response to this SHOCKED Many

Jason and Kylie Kelce


Kylie Kelce has been an Eagles fan since before she ever met her husband. She grew up in Delaware County as a fan of the Birds, and later married Jason Kelce, who’s spent his entire career in Philadelphia with the Eagles.


Kylie Kelce on Todays Show

During the Chiefs’ run to the Super Bowl, Kylie and Jason have been in the stands supporting his brother, Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. Jason has been decked out in Chiefs overalls, hats, and other merchandise, but Kylie, well, hasn’t been. She wore a red New Heights shirt to the Chiefs’ divisional-round game vs. the Bills and a red Cincinnati Bearcats sweatshirt to the AFC championship game and the Super Bowl.

Jason revealed on the latest episode of New Heights that Kylie, a true Philadelphian, refuses to wear another NFL team’s gear — even for family.

“Kylie got some love from the Philadelphia fans for her continued refusal to wear Chiefs gear even though she has personal connections,” Jason said. “She will not do it … I try to tell her, ‘Listen Kylie, we have family in the game. It’s OK to cheer on that team. They’re not playing the Eagles.’ She just refuses to do it.”

Philadelphia fans love her even more because of that commitment to the Eagles. Kylie did not attend Cincinnati with Jason and Travis, instead playing field hockey at Cabrini University, and Travis joked that she had no issue wearing another college’s gear.

But despite that, Travis was still in full support of Kylie’s decision not to wear Chiefs gear during the playoff run.

“Don’t you [expletive] around with my fandom over the Birds,” Travis said. “I respect it, Ky. I appreciate you even wearing red. You know, you could’ve worn something neutral and just showed your support. You showing up was enough for me.”