Jason Kelce reveals his one regret after retiring from the NFL at 36 with the Philadelphia Eagles this week – as he opens up to brother Travis about his decision on New Heights


Jason Kelce has officially walked away from playing professional football – but that doesn’t mean that he’s wholly happy with the decision.


Emotional Travis Kelce at Jason Kelce retirement announcement

Kelce, aged 36, announced his retirement on Monday – officially bringing an end to his 13-year NFL career.

He’s likely headed for Canton and will go down as one of the best offensive linemen in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles organization.

However, considering how poorly things ended last season for the Eagles, Kelce revealed on his New Heights podcast that he only has one regret about when he decided to call it a career.

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‘The one thing that I’m disappointed about retiring right now is that I’m retiring when the Eagles had potentially the biggest collapse in the history of the organization,’ Jason Kelce admitted to his brother, Travis. ‘Not potentially, probably the most.

‘The reason I say that I’m upset about it is I really, truly think the Eagles are gonna ball-out next year. I think all those guys – there is still a tremendous amount of talent there.

‘They’ve hired two really good coaches that are gonna be able to offer a new perspective and look at things with a fresh lens.

‘I think Jalen Hurts is a tremendous quarterback, I know it wasn’t a good end of the year for him or for anybody on offense. But there are still so many pieces.

‘There is plenty of cap space. I know Howie is gonna make some moves to improve the things that need to get fixed.

‘I just really think there is going to be one hell of a bounce back for the Philadelphia Eagles next year.

‘And it really pains me… I’ll be a part of it some way. Like I’m still gonna go down to facilities, I’m still gonna help out in any way I can.

‘But I’m also gonna be doing other things, I’m not gonna be on the field with those guys. But I can damn sure at least appreciate it from afar.

‘That is one thing I’m really upset about – the timing of [it]. It is what it is, I’ll have to enjoy it in a different way.’

Jason called it a career at an emotional ceremony attended by Travis, his parents Donna and Ed, and his wife Kylie.

Many other people within the Eagles organization were also in attendance – including longtime coaches and executives.

Jason leaves with six first-team All-Pro team selections, seven Pro Bowl selections, and one championship ring from Super Bowl LII.