Jason Kelce makes shocking CTE admission with Antonio Brown mocking the Eagles legend’s claim: ‘Can virtually guarantee I have it’

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Jason Kelce admitted he believes he has CTE following his dazzling 13-year career in the NFL following his recent allegations about racehorse Secretariat.


Jason Kelce


The retired Philadelphia Eagles center bizarrely accused Secretariat, the horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973, of cheating during the latest episode his his New Heights podcast with brother Travis Kelce.

‘Secretariat was juiced to the gills,’ Kelce claimed on the podcast. ‘Secretariat just so happens to be right in the heart of the steroid era.

‘(In) 1973, every NFL player, every baseball player, they were juicing them to the gills. You don’t think Secretariat was f–king juiced to the rafters? Of course it’s the fastest horse of all-time.’

His comments sparked backlash on social media, ultimately forcing Kelce into apologizing, with one user claiming that the legendary center must have CTE – the brain disease many NFL stars have been diagnosed with post-mortem, especially veterans playing late into their careers.

‘[Y]ou know who else makes unsubstantiated claims not backed up by facts. People suffering from CTE. I’ll admit I don’t know whether @JasonKelce suffers from CTE or not, it’s impossible to know,’ they posted.

Kelce surprisingly responded to the dig by suggesting that he more than likely does suffer with the brain disease.

‘I mean I can virtually guarantee that I have CTE, all the research would suggest I have some degree of it,’ he replied. ‘I think it is entirely reasonable to assume I have some degree of that pathology.’

The social media user later insisted he didn’t mean to cause any offense but an unbothered Kelce brushed it off saying it was just the reality he faces.

‘I understand, I don’t take offense at all. what I’m saying is that it’s completely reasonable to think I have CTE,’ he added.

‘Even though there is no test to see if I currently have CTE, The evidence suggests I probably do. Just like the reality that a lot, if not most of the high level horses of the 70s and 80s were doping because adequate tests were not available.

‘But it really doesn’t accomplish anything to bring this up, I don’t know why I started, Secretariat was still a fantastic horse and legendary specimen.’

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown unsurprisingly had a less-than-sensitive response to Kelce’s admission.

Brown, who has become an internet provocateur attacking the likes of Tom Brady and Caitlin Clark online, has repeatedly joked about having CTE on X.

The controversial former NFL star has even created a social media page known as CTESPN in order to mock the original ESPN network

Brown quote-tweeted a post reporting Kelce’s claim, writing: ‘First step is admitting it. #CTESPN.’

Kelce was also concerned over the impact of CTE towards the end of his career, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Marcus Hayes reported following the end of the Eagles’ 2023 season and just weeks before the veteran announced his retirement.

He reportedly struggled to remember the date of a teammate’s injury and quipped that it was ‘the CTE creeping in’.

Kelce previously expressed his concerns about the impacts of CTE during his Amazon Prime documentary last year.

‘There have been little things that are not big things yet but are going to turn into big things the longer I play,’ he said.

‘Not to dress like an elephant in the NFL room, but I am fearful about what the impacts of playing football are going to mean long-term. I have two girls and … some people end up getting CTE and some guys live long, healthy lives.

‘I have no idea what’s going to happen with that because I’ve thought about this,’ he said, thinking of the amount of physical impacts in the game and if ‘it might come back to bite me.’