Jalen Hurts Faces Serious Uncertainty and It doesn’t Favor Him for the Future: “Expert Says”

Jalen Hurts Sad


Jalen Hurts has not been able to replicate last year’s success. The Eagles will not repeat as NFC champions unless Jalen Hurts plays better than some of the league’s best quarterbacks in the playoffs. And after 17 weeks, former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky does not believe Hurts can do that.


Jalen Hurts

“I feel more confidence and trust in Dak (Prescott), I feel more confidence and trust in Brock Purdy, I feel more confidence and trust in Matthew Stafford,” Orlovsky said on Monday via “First Take.”

Hurts completed 18 of 23 passes for 167 yards and three touchdowns in their 35-31 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. Even though his numbers were efficient, Hurts was outplayed by Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, who racked up 232 passing yards and three touchdowns.

The Eagles have lost four of their last five games. In that stretch, Hurts has thrown just five touchdowns compared to four interceptions.

“In this offense right now with Jalen, it doesn’t look like Jalen has a ton of confidence,” Orlovsky said.

Hurts was considered an MVP candidate before the Eagles went on a three-game December skid. Although his name was brought up in those conversations, Hurts never played like the All-Pro version from last year.

But it may not be his fault.

“It’s definitely the offense,” said Dan Orlovsky when explaining why Hurts has struggled. “And even when he does throw the ball, he’s throwing it. You see the throws and your (like), ‘Yup, that’s the right throw. It’s going to the right spot.’ I don’t think he trusts the offensive line protection-wise ever since the Jets game.”