Is Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Travis Kelce Putting On A Dumb Guy Act to fool Fans?! Here’s why he’s doing so

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


As we’re sure you’ve gathered by now, Taylor Swift‘s beau has a reputation for being a little ditzy.

Clearer photos of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the Mahomies Foundation Gala last night

Between his silly antics, the way he presents himself on his podcast and in post-game interviews, and all those posts he made to X (Twitter) all those years ago misspelling words like “squirle” — it’s safe to say the guy is better known for his football skills than his book-learnin’. But could that all just be an act for the cameras??

The 34-year-old’s teammate and bestie Patrick Mahomes went on an episode of the Impaulsive podcast Thursday and spilled all the tea on Trav behind-the-scenes. When host Logan Paul asked if the tight end was his favorite receiver on the team, Pat had no doubts when he answered:

“100 percent. Just a good dude man. He does such a great job of getting himself open.”

What caught viewers’ attention though was what he said afterward. He went on to use the words “smart” and “intelligent” to describe Travis:

“He understands, he’s smart. He puts on a persona of partying and drinking but he’s really super intelligent. He gets on the football field and gets open and I just know where he’s going to be. Our friendship kinda built naturally, he’s kinda like me.”

Ooh, interesting! It’s important to remember he’s not just fast out there — the way Trav gets open is by playing the chess game of it all, and he’s one of the best ever at that aspect. And despite his public “persona” he can’t hide those smarts. Hmm.

The partying and drinking though? Yeah, that’s real! LOLz! Patrick admitted he absolutely “cannot” keep up with his friend’s level of carousing:

“I used to I think and then I had kids and you hear my voice now. I left early every night.”

Ha! So Travis is a party animal… but also a secret intellect?! Well, he had to be to land Tay somehow! We’re sure they don’t sit around having mindless, nonsense conversations all day. We mean, she has the heart of a poet! He must be able to keep up with her somewhat!