Is Taylor Swift smoking pot because of Travis Kelce’s Influence? Watch Viral video showing Travis Kelce smoking and Taylor Swift looking WASTED “Such a BAD Influence..” – Fans are very UPSET

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Just last week, Owens blasted Swift and called the pop star “the most toxic feminist that has ever existed.”


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

“Obviously, if you’ve seen what she’s even done in business and how she tries to manipulate her audiences to get out of deals and contracts, she’s totally insane. She’s the most toxic feminist that’s ever existed,”

After the Super Bowl, a clip appearing to show Swift smoking with Travis Kelce at a club in Vegas went viral on social media.

Owens saw the clip and once again took shots at Swift.

“Wow! Is Taylor Swift smoking pot here or is it only Travis Kelce smoking?”

“Why does it always look like Travis is so not into Taylor at all?”

“Weird vibes, but I guess this is her “college girl phase” era.”

Swift fans immediately defended Taylor from Owens’ latest attack.