Is Taylor Swift really a BAD Chiefs fan? – NFL Fans and Critics BRANDS Taylor Swift as a ‘BAD’ Kansas City Chiefs Fan amid recent Travis Kelce news… ‘She might be acting like she’s enjoying the game but she’s not…’

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Worried look


Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce is currently the most popular NFL athlete who is still active, and that has a lot to do with him dating Taylor Swift.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

The NFL star agreed to terms on a new two-year contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs worth more than $17 million a year, which will make him the highest-paid tight end in the league,’s Ian Rapoport reported.

Many assumed that Travis Kelce would take a team-friendly deal, much like Tom Brady used to do with the New England Patriots because he was married to Gisele Bundchen, one of the wealthiest supermodels in history.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in this matter, and because of that, Taylor Swift is being called out for her actions, or lack thereof.

Barstool Sports “Pardon My Take” podcast pondered this week if billionaire Taylor Swift is a “bad” Chiefs fan since she refuses to give up some of her fortunes to Travis Kelce so the team could pay others on the squad and they can keep winning.

“Is Taylor Swift being a bad Chief’s fan for not giving Travis half her money so he can take a cap-friendly deal?” PFT Commenter wrote.

Kelce has been one of the best tight ends in the league for quite some time, but his salary never showed it.

Up until the 2023 season, New York Giants tight end Darren Waller earned $17 million annually, the largest salary of any tight end in the National Football League. According to Front Office Sports, Kelce had a yearly contract worth $14.3 million and was previously ranked fourth in the league.

Travis Kelce Has No Problem With Signing Prenup to Marry Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce is willing to sign a prenup to wed superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift, according to Life & Style Magazine.

Kelce and Swift have dominated global headlines for the last year, with the singer becoming a fixture at his home and away games in the regular season and playoffs.

“Travis has no problem signing a prenup because his business team wants to protect his assets. He’ll do whatever it takes. No doubt, it will be bulletproof. It may not be romantic, but it’s smart,” the report claimed.

A source added: “Taylor can see herself married to Travis with children. He’s definitely daddy material in her eyes. That was one of the biggest attractions for her. They’ve grown so close in such a short amount of time. It feels so right. They’re very comfortable spending time together, just the two of them.”