Is Jason Kelce a BAD Husband for forgetting something relating to his wife Kylie? Here are the details….

Kylie Kelce's reaction when Jason announces his retirement


The retired NFL star made the confession on the latest episode of his and his brother Travis Kelce’s ‘New Heights’ podcast.


Jason and Kylie Kelce

Jason Kelce is behind on his wedding anniversary gift!

On the latest episode the New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast, released on Wednesday, May 1, Jason, 36, revealed that is yet to give his wife Kylie an anniversary gift after celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary last month.

The retired NFL player made the confession as he and his brother Travis Kelce responded to their mom Donna’s comment on the Today show last week that “boys usually are not” good gift givers on Mother’s Day.

“Don’t ask Kylie! I am a bad gift planner and giver,” Jason said. “I can’t be good at dancing and be good at gift giving — I can only have one of those.”

“… I owe Kylie an anniversary gift,” he continued. “I’m almost a month post-due on that. We were doing the Cincinnati live show and it distracted me … I gotta come big with something.”

Jason then discussed how people offer traditional anniversary gifts linked to the number of years they’ve been married, which “helps you narrow things down,” before sharing that “this year the gift is iron.”

Travis, 34, then came up with the suggestion that Jason should “make [Kylie] a sword.”

“I mean, I don’t think she’d be into it,” Jason initially responded, before adding, “Right now, a sword is definitely better than what I’ve currently gotten her.”

“… Now I gotta get it to Kylie before this episode airs on Wednesday. So I kind of [need to] move fast on this sword,” he joked.

Jason and Kylie, 32, tied the knot on April 14, 2018. The pair share three daughters: Wyatt Elizabeth, 4, Elliotte Ray, 3, and 14-month-old Bennett Llewellyn.

The sportsman added that he’ll make up for his missing anniversary gift for Mother’s Day on May 12 as he said he “usually” gifts his wife “hydrangeas, some type of flowers, chocolates and a card.”

Kylie, meanwhile, has proved to be much more considerate at gift-giving with Jason, after presenting him with a special retirement gift late last month.

Jason received a custom wooden replica of Lincoln Financial Field — the stadium where he played center for the Philadelphia Eagles — created by Georgia-based artist and woodworker, Dana Theobald.

The star raved about the “amazing” detail and work that had gone into the creation on the podcast before sharing in an update that he has to “re-glue” some bits due to there being “some problems in transit.”

“I mean listen, it’s very fixable, we just got to re-glue one of the stadium sides back … but yeah we’ll figure it out,” he explained.