“Hold on with the proposal!!…” Watch Viral Video of what Taylor Swift told Travis Kelce in New Audio at the Super Bowl after reuniting and smooching when Chiefs Won the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift Kiss Travis Kelce


Loved-up Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s conversation from their reunion on the pitch after the Super Bowl has been posted.


The Real Deal

Kelce was mic’d up for the game in Las Vegas – which saw the Kansas City Chiefs claim a dramatic 25-22 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Swift was in the crowd at Allegiant Stadium after travelling across the world from Tokyo, Japan to support her boyfriend.

After the game, as Kelce celebrated with the Vince Lombardi trophy, Swift made her way down to the field with his mom Donna and other players’ families and friends.

As Kelce left the stage, he first embraced his mom. Then he came over to Swift, who was stood slightly behind and their conversation has now come to light.

Kelce embraced his girlfriend and said: ‘Thank you for coming, baby. Thank you.

‘Thank you for the support. Thank you for making it halfway across the world. You’re the best baby. Was it electric?

A stunned Swift, who had asked her boyfriend ‘how did you do that?’ then replied: ‘It was unbelievable.’

It comes after Swift allegedly had Kanye West removed from his seats at Allegiant Stadium after the rapper tried to upstage her at the Super Bowl on Sunday, according to former NFL star Brandon Marshall.

The songstress has attended several of the tight end’s NFL games and has regularly attracted attention, being shown on broadcasts watching on from her VIP suites.

However, Kanye was also in Sin City over the weekend and reportedly had plans to upstage Taylor.

Marshall, a former wide receiver who played for a number of teams during his NFL career, alleged that Kanye had intentionally bought seats at Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Las Vegas Raiders, in front of Taylor’s VIP box.

But his alleged plans were foiled, according to Marshall, who went on to claim that the Anti-Hero hitmaker ‘made a call’ to have him removed from the stadium entirely.

Marshall suggested that Kanye was strategically placing himself in front of Taylor’s suite to photobomb all her appearances on the broadcast, when the cameras would inevitably cut to the girlfriend of Kelce.

‘Taylor Swift gets p****d off. She boom boom makes a call or two. Everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out the stadium,’ Marshal said on the I AM ATHLETE podcast. ‘He was trying to leverage her celebrity.’

However, it is unclear where Marshall got his information from and there is nothing to suggest there is any truth to his allegations.

The former NFLer did also initially confuse Taylor with fellow popstar Katy Perry while making his claims.