Here’s why Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will ‘Break Up’ soon, after Taylor Swift’s Fear for the Chiefs Star has FINALLY Happened!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce looked smitten as they enjoyed a romantic day on the water during their trip to Lake Como


Insiders reveal that Taylor Swift is “terrified” that the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce will become too successful for their relationship, leaving the star fearing that the pair will split up if he continues on his upwards trend in football and the media.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Lake Como

Kelce and Swift have been publicly dating since September 2023 when rumors were sparked after she appeared at the Chiefs’ dominant win over the Chicago Bears at the Arrowhead Stadium in that month, and since then they have been two peas in a pod.

The Eras Tour star made a big effort to watch him play football, including flying back from Japan to watch him play at Super Bowl LVIII within 24 hours, whilst the tight end has also flown around the world to watch the 34-year-old perform on stage in her record-breaking event which is in Europe.

But the newfound stardom for Kelce is leaving her concerned as alongside his already-popular podcast and his football career, he is finding more and more media opportunities to pursue his desire to become a film actor and producer, which officially took off in 2024.

It means Swift worries he won’t have the time for her anymore.

“Taylor’s incredibly proud that Travis is having so much success,” an insider told Heat World. “But it’s also bittersweet watching his career blow up.

“Part of her is terrified that he’ll become so successful it’ll somehow break them apart. He’s in talks for mega-deals, and all the attention and offers he’s getting are starting to take over his life.”

Recently, Kelce was asked by Jason Sudeikis, the Ted Lasso star, when he intends to marry his girlfriend but he dodged the question with a smile and didn’t offer an answer.

Kelce quashes Happy Gilmore rumors

Happy Gilmore is one of the most beloved classics to emerge from the 1990s as Adam Sandler’s titular character battles rage, hockey and the putting green and it was recently confirmed to be getting a sequel as Hollywood’s taste for 30 to 50-year-old movie reboots continues on.

But will Kelce star in it? There have been strong links that the football ace and three-time Super Bowl champion will take up a role in the upcoming project and appear on cinema screens worldwide, so what did he have to say about it?

“I didn’t even know there was a job opening for Happy Gilmore 2,” Kelce told his brother on their New Heights podcast. “If there is, I’ll be a f**king extra.

“Any way I can get on a Happy Gilmore film or Adam Sandler film or set, count me in. I’ve been a huge fan of the Sand-man, but this is exactly what it says, a conspiracy theory.”