Has Travis and Taylor BROKE UP? – Taylor Swift was SPOTTED dancing ODDLY at an Historic Restaurant in LA partying with friends without Travis Kelce… after he ‘told her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her’ during Bahamas vacation

Taylor Swift at Historic Restaurant without Travis


Taylor Swift was spotted attending a casual Los Angeles birthday party stag on this week – after her romantic getaway with Travis Kelce.


Taylor Swift at Historic Restaurant without Travis

Taylor and Travis were recently in the Bahamas, where he allegedly told her that he wants to ‘spend the rest of his life with her.’

But amid their whirlwind romance – and the rumors a proposal is on its way – Taylor was seen Thursday taking time out to devote to her friends.

She was spotted that evening slipping into a booth at the West Hollywood bar and eatery Barney’s Beanery to celebrate a pal’s birthday.

In pictures obtained by TMZ, the 34-year-old superstar can be seen surrounded by a dinner party composed of seven people in various age groups.

Her security detail stood guard outside Barney’s Beanery, and although some other patrons recognized her, they did not approach her and interrupt her evening.

Taylor is said to have left the party after a couple of hours, wishing a happy birthday to the guest of honor before making her exit – whereupon one of her guards stepped into Barney’s Beanery to pick up the check for her whole table.

Just weeks earlier she and her NFL heartthrob boyfriend were in the Bahamas enjoying a luxury vacation as a couple.

A source told Life & Style that when the pair ‘weren’t making out, they were in deep conversation. It was clearly an incredible intimate moment.’

But apparently, it was also the moment when both Taylor and Travis revealed to each other that they saw their respective futures align together in the long run.

‘Travis told Taylor he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and she told him she feels the same,’ the same source said.

The NFL star and hitmaker, who are both 34, have been exchanging ‘I love you’s’ lately, as their nine-month-old romance continues to go from strength to strength.

‘It wasn’t an official proposal, but they’re committed to each other, and they spent the weekend celebrating in paradise,’ the same source exclusively told Life & Style.

Taylor and Travis packed on the PDA during their getaway trip last month. It was exactly what the popstar needed after returning from the grueling Asia leg of Eras Tour, according to Life & Style’s exclusive source.

‘They’ve been seen each other, but they haven’t been on a proper vacation,’ the source pointed out. ‘They just wanted to get away and relax, just the two of them with no distractions.’

On Thursday, Life & Style revealed that Travis and Taylor had stayed at a luxurious $15,000-a night ‘honeymoon suite’ on Harbour Island’s Rosalita House during their Bahamas vacation.

Amenities included a pool, ‘sprawling terraces, lush gardens, and a fully equipped gym, plus a full staff at their disposal.’

What’s more is that Travis and Taylor had gone on a boat ride, too, and were ‘served a romantic meal on the pink sand beach,’ according to the outlet.

‘But most of the time, they were completely alone,’ the same source exclusively told Life & Style, meaning the couple had plenty of time to chat.

‘Travis has been pretty open about how in awe of he is in public, so of course he wears his heart on his sleeve in private,’ the source added.

Travis once gushed over Taylor’s work ethic in February, claiming it inspired him to better himself after his third Super Bowl win with Kansas City. ‘She’s as much of a professional as anybody I’ve ever met, and she just has a desire and a love for what she does. She’s unbelievable. She’s rewriting this history books herself.’

Complementing each other’s lives in many ways, Travis said that ‘being around her, seeing how smart Taylor is, has been f***ing mind-blowing. I’ve never been a man of words, [but] I’m learning everyday.’

He has also reassured Taylor that he will never give her an ultimatum on having to choose between their relationship or her career — something that differentiates him from the popstar’s ex-boyfriends.

‘Travis has promised Taylor that he will never ask her to choose between him and her career,’ the same source exclusively told Life & Style.

‘Those words changed everything, because a lot of the men she’s been with tended to get jealous or threatened by her devotion to work. But it’s one of the qualities Travis admires most about her.’