Harry and Meghan’s shameless new website only serves to undermine King Charles. They are determined to become a rival Royal Family…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Harry and Meghan’s rebranded website is a shameless attempt to establish themselves as a rival royal family across the Atlantic.


Prince Harry and Meghan

That’s the view of Richard Eden, writing in the latest edition of his Palace Confidential newsletter.

According to Eden, who edits the Daily Mail’s social diary, the new-look website, Sussex.com, is an ‘audacious’ move which will only serve to undermine King Charles and his heir, Harry’s brother, the Prince of Wales.

‘The California-based couple have rebranded their website to make it more regal and even started taking advantage of their old “Sussex Royal” title – something they told the late Queen they would not do,’ writes Eden.

‘Instead of using their Archewell brand, Prince Harry and Meghan have relaunched their website as Sussex.com.

‘Provocatively, they have started using Sussexroyal.com to direct traffic to their fancy new website.’

Previously, he explains, the website promoted Archewell, the name of their charitable foundation and of their TV and film production company.

Now, it is focused on ‘The Office of Prince Harry & Meghan, the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’.

‘Their titles are displayed below Meghan’s coat of arms. They even use the titles of their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, in the biographical section.

‘By coincidence, I’m sure, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen this moment, when King Charles is being treated for an unnamed form of cancer, to do something they never would have dared do while Queen Elizabeth was still alive.

‘This audacious move has confirmed my long-held suspicions that Harry and Meghan are determined to portray themselves as a rival royal family, undermining the King and his heir, the Prince of Wales.

‘The fact they have chosen to act when the King is being treated for a serious illness and the Princess of Wales is recovering from a major operation illustrates their lack of shame.

‘In times gone by, an embittered, ambitious Prince would seize the opportunity of rumours of a monarch being in poor health and withdrawn from public duties to try and seize the Crown for himself,’ writes Eden.

‘Nowadays, it seems, they rebel in virtual form.’