Fans Read Travis Kelce Lips and Noticed he dropped the “L-Bomb” At the New Year Eve Party: More details Revealed

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes during a NYE party


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are really feeling the love now — this video of them kissing to ring in the New Year also shows him saying “I love you” to her … in the view of Swifties, that is.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kissing

Fans are certainly convinced he dropped the L-word just as they smooched at midnight. Watch and decide for yourself — the speculation is it happens in the first few seconds of the clip.

However, we’ve checked with a few professional lip readers — some who’ve testified in high-profile court cases — and they tell TMZ … the video is far too blurry to confirm the public declaration of love.

So, we’ll never know precisely what sweet nothings the NFL star whispered to the singer while packing on the PDA — unless they reveal it — but, it wouldn’t be all that weird if they did exchange ‘I love yous” … they’ve been dating at least 6 months now.

It’s also not clear where they rang in the New Year — but a fellow partygoer shared the clip … and it looks like others at the bash respectfully left the two to get on with their smoochin’.

The couple was partying somewhere in the Kansas City area Sunday night … after Travis and the Chiefs played the Bengals.

As we reported, TS arrived at Arrowhead Stadium solo Sunday afternoon to cheer on her beau … which she’s been doing since they went public a few months ago.

Diehard football fans have become increasingly vexed over the attention Taylor commands at games — but it looks like she’s not going anywhere in 2024.

So, there will be plenty of chances for fans to witness an ‘I love you” between them in the future … hopefully with a clearer video!