Fans noticed something ODD about Travis and Taylor’s new move… A baby crib was seen in the new cottage the couple will be staying… Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will enjoy a lavish stay in a £10.3 million Cotswolds cottage during the UK leg of her Eras tour… Check the Photos of the luxurious cottage they will be staying



Taylor Swift has reportedly booked a £3.3million cottage in the Cotswolds where she will stay during the UK leg of her legendary Eras tour.


Beautiful Cottage

Swapping the tranquil countryside for the swanky city, it seems also her NFL star boyfriend Travis Kelce will be ‘joining her for a getaway’.

‘Taylor has booked the cottage while she is over in the UK,’ a source told The Sun.

‘She wants a place to unwind away from the tour and the countryside is her happy place.’

‘Taylor loves dressing up in sequins on stage but is most at home in muddy boots in the fresh air.’

New photo of Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and Ice Spice

MailOnline has contacted Taylor’s representatives for comment.

The Cotswolds area is located very close to one of the exclusive private members’ club Soho Farmhouse, known as a hotspot for many celebrities.

Just not far from there, David Cameron lives in the quiet rural area – as well as fashion icon Kate Moss, music mogul Simon Cowell and his BGT’s co-star Amanda Holden.

The Bad Blood hitmaker will kick off her UK tour in Edinburgh on June 7, followed by Liverpool, Cardiff, and a slew of live gigs in London between June and August.

Taylor’s unprecedented successful tour is said to boost the economy by almost £1billion with her 15 shows – yet fans are struggling with Airbnb’s prices on the rise during the dates.

The average cost per night in Edinburgh is roughly £769 per night – but the weekend before it’s £237.88, making it a 223% increase throughout the weekend of her tour dates, as per The Mirror.

Edinburgh proved to skyrocket with prices above any other date, but also the cost of Airbnb in Liverpool went from £99.64 a night to £202.59 for the gigs’ dates, with costs hiking more than double.

The ‘least damage’ is said to be in Cardiff – also her only live show in the city – where Airbnb see a %18 increase from £185.07 to £156.44.

The pop legend will grace London’s Wembley Stadium for multiple dates in a row, and to calculate the average cost Alt Index looked at Travelodge hotels within three miles of the stadium.

The average cost for a one-night stay when she plays on June 21, 22 and 23 is £222.60.

But the same time period the prior week before is £109.93, marking a 102% increase.

The superstar will be back in London for another batch of live gigs on 15, 16, 17, 19 and 20 August – when the average cost for a one-night stay at a nearby Travelodge is £167.96, showing a 91% increase amid the tour dates.

Consumer expert Scott Dixon, of The Complaints Resolver, told the publication: ‘This is blatant profiteering and extortion which simply cannot be justified. No hotel or Airbnb can justify charging nearly £800 for one night.

‘This highlights why consumers ought to plan ahead and factor in these costs, and consider different locations when buying tickets for events.’