Fans BLASTS and ROASTS Travis Kelce for his dhisorganized suit for the White House visit, while Patrick Mahomes displays elegance – ‘Travis should learn from Patrick on how to dress’

Chiefs at the White House


Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs visited the White House for the second consecutive year to celebrate their Super Bowl LVIII victory with President Joe Biden. An event that has become a tradition for the NFL’s champion teams.


Chiefs at the White House

The arrival of the Chiefs players was a ‘parade’ of style and elegance. Each player boarded the bus that would take them to the event wearing their best attire. Patrick Mahomes, the talented quarterback, stood out with an impeccable suit that accentuated his poise and elegance. However, not all the players managed to impress with their choice of attire.

Travis Kelce, known for his charisma and on-field skills, did not have the same luck in terms of style. His rumpled and visibly oversized suit left much to be desired. Despite this, Kelce walked with energy and his jovial spirit.

Chiefs at the White House

The visit to the White House was not only a celebration of their sporting success, but also a special opportunity for the Chiefs to share their victory with the President of the United States.

Just a few weeks ago, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker made some controversial comments about President Joe Biden and other Catholic leaders, criticizing them for “pushing dangerous gender ideologies onto the youth of America.” This seemed to be in reference to transgender rights. During his commencement address at Benedictine College, Butker didn’t hold back, taking swipes at LGBTQ individuals, calling Pride Month a “deadly sin,” and expressing disapproval of diversity and equity initiatives.

Butker’s presence may cause an uncomfortable tension, following these statements, that is not usually felt at championship celebrations at the White House.