Fans are DEVASTATED after Travis Kelce dodged a major question about where his romance with Taylor Swift is going… ‘His response hints that he and Taylor will be breaking up soon’

Travis Scream and Taylor Swift


Comedian Jason Sudeikis asked Kelce, “When are you going to make an honest woman out of her?” during a skit for a charity event Saturday.


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes in an Event

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, during a charity event over the weekend, dodged a major question about where his romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift is going.

The relationship between Kelce and Swift, both 34, has captured the heart of millions of fans and rumors have swirled about whether the two may tie the knot.

At the annual Big Slick Celebrity Weekend charity fundraiser in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday, comedian Jason Sudeikis asked Kelce during a reprise of the beloved SNL “Bill Swerski’s Superfans” skit, “When are you going to make an honest woman out of her?” referring to Swift.

The crowd hooted and cheered as Kelce laughed awkwardly without saying anything.

“Taylor doesn’t need to be working anymore and, again, I know your kicker agrees with me. He gets it,” Sudeikis added.

His joke referred to Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s recent commencement speech at Benedictine College during which he made controversial comments that women were “most excited” about marriage and bearing children over personal careers.

“Guys, you’re really pushing it,” Kelce responded during the skit.

Another comedian on stage responded: “Oh, look who’s losing it. Just like you did in the Super Bowl!” as the crowd laughed. That was in reference to Kelce’s tantrum at the Super Bowl in February when he bumped into Chiefs coach Andy Reid, a move he later apologized for.

Earlier in the skit the men joked that Swift could pay for a new stadium.

“Hey guys, here’s what I’m thinking. Want a new stadium? Maybe Travis here could ask Taylor to foot the bill,” Robert Smigel, acting as Carl Wollarski, joked.

“Hey, how about we all pipe down a little bit,” Kelce responded. “That ain’t happening.”

“Come on. What’s a few hundred million to Taylor? That’s what four tickets cost to her concert anyways,” George Wendt, as Bob Swerski, said.

“She just got to Kansas City, boys,” Kelce responded.

Rumors swirled about the star couple’s romance in the summer of 2023 and they went public in September last year when Swift attended a Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears.