Do Taylor Swift’s two best pals have Bad Blood because of Travis Kelce? The REAL reason Selena Gomez and Blake Lively are NEVER seen together with popstar when Travis is involved – as insiders reveal why the pair ‘AVOID’ spending time together

Do Taylor Swift's two best pals Selena Gomez and Blake Lively have Bad Blood


Taylor Swift might be best pals with Blake Lively and Selena Gomez – but they never spend time together as a trio, and insiders are now revealing the surprising reason the three women are never pictured hanging out as a group.


Taylor Swift might be best pals with Blake Lively and Selena Gomez

Suspicions were raised when football fan Selena, 31, was missing from Taylor’s A-list squad at this year’s Super Bowl final, which saw Lana Del Rey, Ashley Avignone, Kaleigh Sperry and Blake cheering on Travis Kelce as the Kansas City Chiefs romped to victory.

Now, insiders have claimed there is bad blood between Blake, 36, and Selena, who are reportedly not friends, don’t ‘mix’ and choose to spend time with the pop superstar, 34, separately.

‘This is the reason neither of them are ever with Taylor at the same time and are constantly avoiding run-ins with each other,’ a source told exclusively.

Selena and Taylor were friends by the time Blake entered the scene in 2015, having first struck up a friendship in 2008, but the two don’t appear to have ever been photographed together.

‘Swiftie’ sleuths have tried desperately to figure out why Selena – an avid football fan – wasn’t in attendance at the Super Bowl. Instead, she simply commented a sad face emoji and a black heart on a photo of the singer with her pals at the final.

Blake, pictured with Taylor and Gigi Hadid at the singer's birthday, reportedly avoids 'run ins' with Selena

She has also never accompanied Taylor to cheer on Travis, unlike Blake who was pictured alongside her at three games last season. has tallied up dozens of occasions, including all of Taylor’s birthday bashes, her Fourth of July parties and her New Years Eve celebrations and found Selena and Blake have never attended together.

On the eve of her 34th birthday on December 12, Taylor skipped the TIME Person of the Year Gala in NYC for dinner at Zero Bond with Selena and Kaleigh and her actor husband, Miles Teller, 37.

Blake was not present – but she was on hand to celebrate at Taylor’s blowout bash the following night where she partied with the singer’s celebrity friends, including Kaleigh and Miles, as well as Zoe Kravitz, 28, and Gigi Hadid, 25.

On December 12 last year Selena - who has been best friends with Taylor since 2008 - went to dinner in NYC (pictured) to celebrate Taylor's birthday

Selena, however, was noticeably absent.

Instead, the former Disney star shared a birthday message on Instagram alongside a photo of Taylor kissing her on the cheek.

‘Happy birthday to the goddess that is @taylorswift. I love you,’ she wrote.

There was no mention as to why she could not make it to her best friend’s birthday party.

‘For a good hangout and good party, you know who to invite and who not to invite,’ a second insider told ‘Taylor knows not to mix Blake and Selena in the same room and that it must be two separate nights.

‘Blake enjoys the perks of being a celebrity. She loves to have fun.

‘If there is something fun going down, she wants to be a part of it and it is contagious. This is something that everyone, including Taylor, loves about Blake. She knows that, no matter what, she is going to have a good time and lots of laughs when she is out with Blake.’

They continued: ‘When Taylor wants to hang loose, Blake will be in the mix. Selena just plays a different role in Taylor’s life. It is as simple as that.’

On January 7, Selena and Taylor both attended the Golden Globes along with Kaleigh and partied into the night – but Blake was not present.

Three days later, Taylor went out to dinner in NYC with Kaleigh, Zoe and Blake. Selena, who was still in NYC, was not in attendance.

Selena and Blake don’t appear to have ever been photographed together at events, including the Met Gala and numerous ceremonies from the Golden Globes to the Emmys and SAG Awards.

They were both in attendance at Saturday Night Live on November 14, 2021 when Taylor was the guest host and debuted the remake of her song, All Too Well (Taylor’s version) – but there are no pictures of them mingling.

Prior to the show, Taylor shared a TikTok video from her dressing room with Selena, who presumably watched her perform from backstage.

Blake also attended the taping with her husband Ryan Reynolds, and the pair were in the audience for Taylor’s performance.

All Too Well was shot in the Westchester County home Blake shares with Ryan and their kids. Blake also directed Taylor’s video, I Bet You Think About Me.

After the SNL taping, Blake and Ryan were photographed entering the after party. Selena, however, did not attend.

Over the past decade that Taylor and Blake have been hanging out, Selena has seemingly only ever made one reference to the Gossip Girl star.

In a 2016 interview with Elle magazine, she was asked about the actress for a beauty piece.

‘I wish she was my friend, but she’s not my friend,’ she said. ‘Blake Lively. I’ve never met her, but I just love her hair. I think she’s got beautiful, effortless hair. I think she’s super beachy.’

The insider believes that it is ‘still odd’ that ‘no one has noticed that Selena and Blake have never been in the same room at the same time.’

‘Blake is closer to the A-list girls it seems than Selena is,’ they said. ‘Selena kind of does her own thing because she is such a huge star in her own right.

‘No one ever questions Taylor’s friendships. She has so many beautiful and famous friends around her at all times that people are focused on. She always looks to be having a blast whenever she is out with her girls.

‘She has also shared so many photos on her social media with Selena and has shared photos with Blake. It is just the way it is and the way it always has been.’