‘Check out the BIGGEST Fumble in the World and NFL History’: Fans Say Travis Kelce Needs to Leave Taylor Swift and Spin the Block with Ex Kayla Nicole After She Steps Out Looking Good at an NFL Game – ‘Kayla Nicole has something that Taylor will NEVER EVER have…’

Kayla Nicole and Taylor Swift


Some fans on social media have gone wild over NFL player Travis Kelce’s headline-grabbing romance with pop star Taylor Swift.


Kayla Nicole and Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

However, amidst the frenzy, many believe he fumbled the ball with his ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole, especially after her stunning appearance at the Saturday, April 27, Los Angeles Lakers playoff game against the Denver Nuggets.

Kayla, who rocked honey-brown individual braids and minimal makeup, posted pictures of herself in a strappy black pants set with sparkled diamond-ish studs and accents.

The 33-year-old coyly captioned the nine breathtaking flicks, “I just a baby.”

Her comments were flooded with fans who were clear that they don’t see “baby” when looking at the bombshell and wondered why Kelce left her.

One of her 792K followers posted, “Just the hottest woman on planet earth!”

“Kaylaaa is glowing!! That happiness is seeping through the pores. that hair color is [fire emoji],” a second fan wrote.

“I cant believe he left a 10… For a 2,” one person wrote, as another called Kelce and Kayla’s breakup the “biggest fumble in NFL history.”


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“Girl! You be turning heads so ‘swiftly.’ And yes to the pun intended,” said a follower playing on his current girlfriend’s name.

Not everyone was comparing Swift and the social media influencer, and some commenters seemed weary of tearing one down to lift the other.

“Aren’t we past comparing each other as women yet?” an Instagram user wrote. “My goodness!!! We all are just out here, trying to make it in our own way! All beautiful, powerful, and strong women! Can we (especially) woman not feel the need to compare 2 amazingly beautiful women!?”

Some remarks focused on Nicole’s agenda, believing that she wore the skimpy outfit to catch the attention of her next suitor. “I feel like she’s dating a nba player,” wrote one person.

“Hope u ain’t trying to hunt for no white player it’s mostly blk players on da lakers,” someone quipped.

One person quickly set the record straight, “You all should do your research. She was a LAKER’S REPORTER. She has always been a laker fan. Smdh.”

Kayla Nicole graduated from Pepperdine with a degree in broadcast journalism, and one of her first jobs was working with Global Grind — covering both NBA and NFL games.

She and the three-time Super Bowl champ dated off and on from 2017 to 2022. The former couple, who got together nine years into his NFL career and stayed together through his first Super Bowl win, has kept the reason why they broke up close to their vests. One rumor centered on infidelity, while others suggested that the football player was cheap and made her pay half on everything.

The Chief’s tight end denies that he was tightfisted.

“I would never say that I was supporting her,” he said on “The Pivot” podcast last year. “She had a very financially stable life in what she was doing in her career. But you got to be crazy if you think I never … helped or gave her a couple of dollars to grab some food or she gave me some money to go get some food.”

He explained, “I mean we were in a relationship for five years. $100 here and $100 there wasn’t even thought about.”

Kelce did not appear to break up with Kayla Nicole for Swift. He and the “Anti-Hero” singer are known to have started dating in September 2023. There are no reports that he makes her pay half-sies on their dates.