Check out PHOTOS of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Double Date With her BFF Gigi Hadid and her Boyfriend Bradley Cooper on a private ROMANTIC couples’ getaway at the Beach – Travis and Taylor were SPOTTED Kissing in the Water which Sparked REACTIONS and the Couples were later SEEN on another private date in La Bicyclette Restaurant in California

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and Gigi Hadid and boyfriend


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were not down bad on a double date with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper during a recent beach outing in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and Gigi Hadid and boyfriend

The new star squad is born.

Travis Kelce proved he’s become quite close to Taylor Swift’s inner circle, as the couple, both 34, recently enjoyed a luxe double date with Taylor’s bestie Gigi Hadid and the model’s boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

According to Travis’ mom Donna Kelce, the foursome spent time together in the upscale beach town Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif., with Donna telling People that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end sent her a photo of the outing.

Gigi Hadid and boyfriend

As for what the lovers discussed during their vacation? For one, an invisible string between Bradley and Donna. The pair were both slated to attend a QVC summit in Las Vegas on April 24, and when the A Star Is Born actor turned up, Donna greeted him and sweetly noted, “Travis told me you were going to be here,” according to the outlet.

La Bicyclette Restaurant where Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were previously seen

But the convention likely wasn’t the only topic of conversation: Travis and Taylor’s getaway with Gigi, 29, and Bradley, 49, came amid the release of Taylor’s record-setting Tortured Poets Department album (which, yes, seemingly offers nods to the NFL star on the songs “So High School” and “The Alchemy”).

And while Travis and Gigi—who’s been friends with the Grammy winner for a decade—have yet to speak publicly about the new music, Donna revealed she’s heard the entire album in full.

“I listened to it all morning long when it was released,” she told People. “I was just very impressed. She is a very talented woman, and I think it is probably her best work.”

And another member of Taylor’s squad can’t shake off the feels, either.

Pal Keleigh Teller shared that “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart” really hits hard for her. “As a friend, this one hurts so much,” she commented on her April 19 TikTok. “She goes on stage sad or happy it’s so incredible.”