Bronze looks like you, Mahomes mother told son during Christmas preparation

Patrick Mahomes and His Wife

An advertising campaign for Skims has led to Randi Mahomes sharing some pictures of her son Patrick Mahomes on X/Twitter as she gets nostalgic for his younger years.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes could be seen on a billboard posing with his wife Brittany and their two children, Sterling and Bronze. The family are wearing matching pyjamas and Randi clearly enjoyed seeing it.


She decided to share some pictures on X that showed her holding Patrick at a couple of different locations in their younger years.

She captioned the tweet: “Seeing Patrick’s family on the SKIMS billboard in NYC brought back some sweet memories of us in NYC all those years back.”


Naturally, Randi got plenty of responses from friends and fans who loved seeing her share these personal memories online.

One said: “Patrick was such a cutie kid, and now has 2 adorable kids of his own!”

Another added: “How Bronze looks like you, Mahomes mother told son during Christmas preparation precious are those older pictures!?! Making memories is what it’s all about!


A third said: “Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Boy, I think Bronze looks like you”.

One fan instead decided to focus on Randi’s appearance in the older pictures, saying: “Randi, those legs are gorgeous!! So jealous!”

Randi gets a special honor
There was another special moment recently for Randi and for Donna Kelce.

Randi is the mother of Patrick, while Donna is the mother of Travis Kelce. Both women have had a significant impact on the success of the Kansas City Chiefs.

In a unique tribute, both Randi and Donna will be featured as life-size holograms in Kansas City’s historic Grand Hall. The holographs will be on display at the Grand Hall until January 1. This special recognition is a testament to the important role these mothers have played in their sons’ lives and the Chiefs franchise.