Brittany Mahomes was Roasted By Fans for her Unpleasant Behavior in this Recent Reveal

Brittany Mahomes and Husband


Not everything is perfect in Brittany Mahomes’ life, she has just been exposed by a former server at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood. Her name is Jessica O’Connor and she served Brittany during the days before she got married to Patrick Mahomes. In fact, she was in town shopping for her wedding dress at the time, according to O’Connor.


Jessica O'Connor

Jessica details via a TikTok video how Brittany Mahomes didn’t pay a single dollar of tips to any server that tended to her and her friends. O’Connor revealed that on the first time she consumed anything at that hotel, she was with friends and got well over $100 worth of service. O’Connor reveals that Mahomes gave the servers $0 in tips. But the story doesn’t end there.

Brittany Mahomes

During the same stay at that hotel, O’Connor reveals that Brittany Mahomes was there consuming food and beverages with her friends and didn’t tip multiple times. For Jessica O’Connor, what matters from famous people is the way they interact with regular folk. That shows much about their actual character and will give you a better idea of who is more approachable and who isn’t. Despite this viral video on TikTok, Brittany Mahomes and her reps declined to comment on this incident that happened years ago. Thsi behavior has turned Brittany Mahomes into an unliked figure within the NFL.

Brittany Mahomes and her friendship with Taylor Swift
A tactic Brittany Mahomes has been using lately in order to cleans her image is getting more and more comfortable with Taylor Swift. The pop star has made a great friendship with Brittany as they both can be considered WAGs within the Kansas City Chiefs. While Mahomes is married to Patrick, Swift is currently dating Travis Kelce. But stories like the one shared by Jessica O’Connor have been more common than people may think. Will Brittany Mahomes address the latest attempt to smear her or will she ignore it?