Brittany Mahomes Hint At Big Taylor Swift Appearance and it is going to be ‘EPIC’ she says

Patrick and Brittny Mahomes


Taylor Swift was a mainstay at Kansas City Chiefs games this past season, but could we see the iconic music star at another local sporting event in 2024?


Patrick and Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are part owners of Kansas City’s National Women’s Soccer League team, the KC Current. Their 2024 season kicked off on Saturday.

Both Patrick and Brittany Mahomes were in attendance. The Chiefs quarterback told ESPN that he’s hoping for Swift to make an appearance at a game soon.

“We might get her here at some point, she’s a busy woman and Travis is a busy guy,” Mahomes told SportsCenter.

“So, maybe during season or something like that we’ll get her out to a Kansas City Current game. She loves supporting Kansas City just like we do and I’m sure Brittany can nudge her and get her here pretty easily.”

Brittany Mahomes thinks it can happen, too.

“That’s definitely on me, that’s definitely on me. I’ll work on it, I will work on it,” she said.

We’ve already seen what Swift’s appearance can do for NFL television ratings. If she makes an appearance at a NWSL game or two, the ratings would likely skyrocket for that, as well.