Big News: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Discussing Big Step In Relationship

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


The honeymoon phase of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship may last as long as the Kansas City Chiefs’ dynasty.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift NFL

According to Us Weekly, Kelce and Swift have discussed “living together full-time.”

If this happens, Kelce and Swift would live at his house in Kansas City during the NFL season. During the offseason, however, they’d split time at her New York and Los Angeles homes.

As of right now, there’s no timetable for them to move in. Us Weekly was told by an insider that Kelce and Swift are “having so much fun and enjoying things so there’s no rush.”

Kelce and Swift recently went on vacation in the Bahamas. Countless photos of them enjoying the beach surfaced on the internet.

Apparently, Kelce and Swift may go on vacation yet again in the near future.

“They’re planning on getting away again soon,” a source told Us Weekly. “They want peace and quiet. They’ve talked about Aspen and Lake Tahoe because it’s easier for them to go somewhere in the U.S. untracked.”

Kelce and Swift have relatively light schedules this April. Once May comes around, they’ll get back into the habit of being on the move every single day.