Barstool Sports chief Dave Portnoy reacts after Travis Kelce PULLS OUT of appearing at their annual ‘Beer Olympics’ in Las Vegas – ‘You choose a woman over me’

Dave Portnoy and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy jabbed at ‘Bussin’ With The Boys’ podcast host Will Compton after learning that Travis Kelce can no longer attend their annual Beer Olympics on June 25.


Dave Portnoy

In the latest installment of Bussin With The Boys, Compton told ex-NFL lineman Taylor Lewan that he received a call from the three-time Super Bowl Champion, telling him he is withdrawing from the event.

As a response, Portnoy referred to a previous event at Barstool hosted by Jeff Lowe.

‘At least the entire company wasn’t running around with chickens with our heads cut off to accommodate them,’ Portnoy captioned a clip of Compton addressing the situation.

‘Poor @JeffDLowe had to move the Dozen to Siberia in the dead of winter to accommodate.’

Portnoy was referring to ‘The Dozen: Trivia Competition’ – a trivia show hosted by Lowe, where Barstool employees compete with each other. Schedule conflicts have been an ongoing issue for Portnoy, who previously ripped at Compton for booking the Beer Olympics on the same day as The Dozen.

‘Will Compton booked the f***ing the Beer Olympics on top of the Dozen,’ Portnoy said on the Barstool Yak in February.

At the time, Portnoy and Compton went back and forth on the date but failed to resolve.

‘This is my nightmare,’ Compton said, to which Portnoy replied: ‘But why would you book first? The Dozen was booked there first, and then you booked it on top of it and no one told me until after. I couldn’t believe I found out about this scheduling conflict today.’

‘I can’t help that they are both scheduled at the same time, we’ve done it at the same time the last two years,’ Compton said. He also cited working with the schedules of NFL players who wished to participate.

However, Portnoy continued to express his frustration over Compton’s scheduling.

‘Travis Kelce just called to let us know that he can’t do Beer Olympics,’ Compton said of his ‘brutal’ call with the Chiefs star.

‘But hey, onward and upward. We lost a good soldier. Two good soldiers,’ he said, referring to Kelce and his older brother, Jason.

Compton later explained on The Yak that he moved the Beer Olympics a few days to accommodate the Kelces – noting that it would have been around June 25 regardless. He also shared that the brothers provided a reason for dropping out, though he could not share what it was.

Nevertheless, San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle and Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner won the Beer Olympics in 2023 and agreed to participate again this year.

Other participants last year included David Bakhtiarti and Tucker Kraft of the Green Bay Packers, singer/songwriter Jelly Roll, and Fox Sports rules analyst Dean Blandino.