A Surprising Member of the Mahomes Family Stole the Spotlight to Unusually Celebrate the Chiefs Win Against Bengals

Patrick Mahomes and Grandma


As the Chiefs won the AFC championship game over the Bengals last year, a surprising member of the Mahomes family stole the spotlight. That member was Mahomes’ grandmother Debbie. Debbie was over the moon as her grandson made it to yet another Super Bowl. In a move that is still talked about to date, she downed an entire beer to celebrate.


Patrick Mahomes

Randi Mahomes shared the video of the iconic moment on her Instagram after the game, along with the backstory. It turned out that Grandma had made a wager that she would chug a Coors if Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs returned to the Super Bowl.

As the Chiefs beat the Bengal once again in the present day, the video from last year has resurfaced, to celebrate the Chiefs’ crucial win and as a remembrance for Debbie, who passed away.

Patrick Mahomes and his grandmother were really close, and she would often be seen rooting for him. As the Chiefs secured their 8th straight AFC West title, surely the 2x MVP also missed his grandmother on the day replete with so many memories for him, as did the fans. The QB had been left heartbroken after his grandmother had passed away earlier this year.

Patrick Mahomes’ Grandmother Passed Away Months After AFC Celebration

Just nine weeks after the iconic beer-chugging video, it was revealed that Debbie Bates had passed away after battling several health issues for a few weeks. The death had left the Mahomes family devastated, and the news of the passing was shared by some of Randi Mahomes’ close friends.

Randi Mahomes continued to pay tribute to her mother, months after her passing, a sign of the devastating impact Debbie’s passing had left on the family. The family also remembered Debbie as Mahomes made it to the Times 100. If the resurfacing of her video is any indication, she will always be remembered by fans and family for her fun-filled demeanor and unending love and support for her family.