A Bunnings hat is going VIRAL – inspired by Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift with a shocking resurfaced video of Taylor’s Ex Harry Styles… Swifties are joining the massive trend

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and Taylor's Ex Harry Styles


Bunnings Warehouse has shared a simple DIY tip that Swifties can use to craft their very own bejewelled hat.


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

The Aussie hardware giant demonstrated the creative trick on Instagram, inspiring fans to get crafty in preparation for Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated concerts.

The post broke down the process into manageable steps so fans could easily replicate the look.

The starting point is a standard Bunnings straw hat.

The transformation journey begins with a can of gold spray paint, giving the hat a gleaming base.

With the golden hat as their canvas, Swifties are encouraged to unleash their creativity.

Bunnings suggests using PVA glue to adorn the hat with sparkling glass tiles, reminiscent of the glittering aesthetic Swiftie is known for.

To add an extra touch of starlight, they recommend intertwining delicate fairy lights within the brim, turning an ordinary hat into a twinkling tribute to the pop star.

This crafty trend follows a wave of Swift-inspired DIY projects that have swept across social media platforms, with fans eager to showcase their admiration through handmade creations.

Taylor Swift sent the crowds completely

DIY Hack for making Bunnings hat - Grab the essentials DIY Hack for making Bunnings hat - Spray paint your bunnings hat wild when she used an iconic Australian phrase during her second Eras show at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday.

The global megastar, 34, kicked off her Australian tour on Friday and returned to the Melbourne stadium for another epic show the following day.

As well as impressing with her epic three-hour setlist, Taylor also left the 96,000-strong crowd in hysterics during one moment in the concert.

The audience erupted into loud screams when she put her own Australian twist on her smash hit song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

The Grammy-award winning artist personalised her show for her Melbourne audience with the help of her backing dancer in the amusing moment.

Chanting the song’s normal lyrics into the microphone, she said: ‘This is exhausting, you know? Like, we are never getting back together.’

But Taylor then passed the microphone over to a dancer, who said the lyric ‘no’ as ‘naur’ in a noticeably Australian twang, sending the crowds absolutely wild.

The audience were heard erupting into deafening screams as they were thrilled by the hilarious touch, as Taylor went straight into the track’s chorus.

Taylor’s support act Sabrina Carpenter also got into the Australian mood as she too changed her song’s lyrics for the Melbourne audience.

The American singer, 24, kicked off the performance at 6.30pm before Taylor’s grand debut, and performed some of her best loved tracks during her set.

And while playing her smash hit Nonsense, Sabrina surprised the crowds by changing up her lyrics to give them a special Australian touch.

Putting on her best Aussie accent, she hilariously sang: ‘I don’t say “hello” I say “g’day mate” / I don’t make a bevvy, I’m a lightweight / Melbourne, I just came, I saw, and I ate.’

On Saturday, Taylor once again attracted a crowd of around 96,000 to the MCG for her second show, after she performed to the biggest crowd of her career on the opening night of her Australian tour.

Despite already having performed at huge sporting stadiums across the US, the opening night of her Australian tour broke records, as she has never performed to a crowd larger than 74,000.