“This is so STRANGE” Andy Reid has a strange taste for players with big butts according to a former player: What’s the reason? – ‘A Big Butt Is Key For NFL Success’

Andy Reid and Travis Kelce


Former NFL punter Dustin Colquitt recently recounted an intriguing conversation he had with Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid regarding the significance of a robust posterior in the NFL.


Chiefs Coach Andy Reid

According to a report from The Athletic released on Thursday, journalist Josh Kendall delved into the longstanding correlation between NFL performance and the size of players’ derrières.

While the idea may initially raise eyebrows, it has been an integral aspect of player evaluation for decades. Within certain circles, the term “high butt factor” abbreviated as “HBF” is prominently featured in scouting assessments.

This is just one of the so-called ‘secrets’ of player evaluation in the National Football League, with certain positions having varying key aspects such as this.

Kansas City Chiefs Team

Whilst many outside of the inner-circle of the league will not fully know these secrets, the emergence of digital media has allowed us to get a view at what previously would never have been discussed by those within the NFL.

Travis Kelce on the Field

Is this a common thing?
Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke, an assistant professor at VCU, emphasized to The Athletic that explosive movements are primarily fueled by the glutes, underscoring the importance of muscular development in that region for generating power.

Interestingly, this principle extends beyond positions traditionally associated with bulk, such as linemen or running backs. Colquitt, reflecting on his tenure with the Chiefs, revealed how Reid emphasized the necessity for punters to also cultivate strength in their lower bodies.

“He’d sit down with me and be like, ‘You went to the Pro Bowl, and we don’t have much to say to you,'” Colquitt recounted.

“But don’t lose your butt. Punters have to have big butts. As soon as you start to look like you’re going downhill from a physique standpoint, you’re out of here. Keep that ass going.”