Taylor Swift has switched up her Eras Tour setlist in a big way, and that includes some sweet nods to her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift


From sitting on the bleachers to incorporating ‘Swag Surfing’ into the choreography, Swift’s Eras Tour is giving some shine to her football player love.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Coachella

Taylor Swift has switched up her Eras Tour setlist in a big way, and that includes some sweet nods to her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

As Swift returned from a two-month hiatus, kicking off with a concert in Paris on May 9, she debuted several key changes, from new outfits to the addition of songs from her latest album The Tortured Poets Department.

While fans went wild over her new performances of “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,” her TTPD set also included a brief segment from her track “So High School,” which is rumored to be about Kelce.

Swift went all in for the performance, including general football nods and more specific references to Kelce’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, whom she cheered for on the sidelines during their 2023/2024 season as they eventually won the 2024 Super Bowl.

Here are all the ways Swift paid tribute to Kelce during the new segments of the Eras Tour.

A lyric from ‘The Alchemy’
Before even performing “So High School,” Swift included a mention linked to Kelce at the beginning of the show. The intro, which features Swift going through her discography, includes the lyrics “What if I told you I’m back?” featured in the song “The Alchemy,” which fans have theorized is about Kelce.

Football stadium lights
As Swift sings the final verse of “But Daddy I Love Him,” the song transitions into “So High School.” As that happens, football stadium lights slowly appear on the screen behind Swift as a subtle nod to Kelce’s football background (and all the games she attended to cheer him on).

Sitting on the bleachers
Years after the release of “You Belong With Me,” Swift is still sitting on the bleachers, but this time, she’s also cheer captain! As she performs the bridge of “So High School,” she joins her backup dancers on steps made to look like stadium seats.

Kansas City Chiefs colors
Even the special effects during the performance paid tribute to Kelce. Many fans in attendance noted that the lights on the stage (and seemingly the lights on people’s bracelets) turn yellow and red during the song, a nod to the Kansas City Chiefs’ team colors.

Giggling with her friends
When Swift starts singing “So High School,” one of her backup dancers playfully hits her on the arm as she smiles and kicks her feet. Fans immediately drew parallels to the Kansas City Chiefs’ game at MetLife Stadium, where Swift and her pal Blake Lively were seen playfully joking around as they watched Kelce on the field. At one point during the game, Lively tapped Swift, to which the singer did a little shimmy and smiled.

Pointing at Travis Kelce
As Swift sings, “’Cause I feel so high school every time I look at you,” she slowly lifts up her finger and points — perhaps a callback to the time when Swift stood on the field with his mom Donna after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl and she was caught on camera pointing to Kelce and mouthing “Oh my God.”

Swag surfin’
Swift showed her Kansas City Chiefs pride as she and her backup dancers do the “swag surf” on stage. The dance is a tradition among Chiefs fans as F.L.Y.’s “Swag Surfin’” plays in the stadium and everyone in the stands sways back and forth. Swift previously participated in the dance tradition when the Chiefs played the Miami Dolphins in January 2024.

Travis Kelce’s touchdown moves
Though subtle, several of Swift’s backup dancers can be seen doing a few of Kelce’s signature touchdown dances. Toward the end of the performance, Swift does one of his signature moves, too, as she pretends to drive a car with one hand.